Kids crafts on the theme of "Spring": 5 choices

«Flower Glade" - hack on "Spring»

Kids crafts on the theme of spring - from plastic spoons

You will need:

  • plastic bottles;
  • plastic spoons;
  • scissors;
  • gouache;
  • clay.


From disposable plastic spoons fashioned of ladybirds.To do this, separate the handle from the spoon, spoon dye in black and red, then apply traditional martial coloring ladybug with black dots.The wings are ready.

heads and torso insect shape from plasticine black.Connect the wings to the body.

next phase of work on children's crafts on "Spring" - production of daisies.For this you need a small plastic bottle of different colors.Previously they have to be cleaned of labels, cut the neck with scissors and cut the petals of daisies, rounding each petal.Place the lids on the bottles in the opening flowers - will turn round the core.

The basis of the crafts you can take the green plastic mat that you can buy in a flower shop or sellers artificial flowers.Charming hack on "Spring" is ready!You can include a flower meadow in the kindergarten, and you can use it to decora

te a room, please loved ones.


Travyanchikov (ekochelovechkov) to crafts on the theme of "Spring" can now be bought at any flower shop, but much more interesting to do a hack their own hands with the children.

Kids crafts on the theme of spring - travyanchik

You will need:

  • nylon stockings;
  • grass seeds;
  • filings;
  • thread of different colors;
  • paperboard;
  • colored paper;
  • buttons;
  • beads;
  • ribbons, bows, colored rags;
  • PVA glue;
  • gouache or oil paints.


in nylon tights or stockings sprinkle grass seeds (pre-purchase them at a pet store), or sawdust.From the densely packed workpiece using thread, form part of the body travyanchikov.Select the ears, nose, hands and feet, legs, etc., making them more expressive as possible.

Then you glue ready eyes or make them using the application, using cardboard, colored paper, buttons, beads.Dress up ready-travyanchikov using colored patches of fabric for the manufacture of hats, vests, belts, etc.

After travyanchiki sprout grass sprouted tie ribbons, braids and ponytails modeling, paint the figurines in bright colors using oil or gouache paints.

Ekochelovechki - is not only interesting children's crafts on "Spring", but also very useful toys that teach children to love nature, to see and find in it is beautiful, take care of the plants and care for them capably.

Amazing flower

this hack on the theme "Spring" can be made with your child and teach her mother, grandmother and sister.

Kids crafts on the theme of spring - hand print

You will need:

  • sheet of paper;
  • paint;
  • brush.


Cute flower crafts on the theme of "Spring" can be done using handprint children's hands.The child must dip his palm into the paint and press it firmly to the sheet of white paper.On the resulting need to print bright colors to finish the flower stalk and leaves and grass in a meadow.

The same parts of the flower can be performed by application of colored paper, adding their stamp palms.The child will be interesting to decorate a wonderful flower and butterflies, which can draw or paste.

«Palm seals" and flowering branches

Kids crafts on the theme of spring - from wool willow

One of the most beautiful spring trees - willow.As a child, we called willow "lion".Let's try to make their own hands "lion" with the children.

You will need:

  • corrugated paper (white, brown and green);
  • thin wire;
  • wool;
  • thin twigs.


of white crepe paper cut into small squares.In the middle of each square, place a piece of cotton and twist each of them using a thin wire.Ready "lion" attach twigs of trees or shrubs.After securing the "lion" on the branches, tightly wrap themselves branches of corrugated paper of green and brown colors.

Older children can offer to weave a "lion" of beads or tie them with white crochet thread.

crafts variant on this theme could be "Blossoming branch»

Kids crafts on the theme of spring - flowers on branches

You will need:

  • colored paper white, blue, pink and green colors;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • cut branches of trees and shrubs.


colored paper you need to cut the white, blue and pink flowers and green leaves.Glue them to the branches with the help of PVA glue, to get the branches of flowering fruit trees and bushes - a great and very simple hack spring !

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