The process of conception, how to prepare?

To all parents: the birth of a child - is a long-awaited event.Family always feel a special joy when mother and baby are discharged from the hospital.This is the final stage of the pregnancy and the beginning of a new wonderful life, which is preceded by a long period of gestation baby, which begins with conception.At this point, many have difficulty, because not every woman becomes pregnant immediately.

ideal time for conception does not exist, but at the same time there are certain days of the menstrual cycle, ovulation coincides with the time at which the chance of becoming pregnant increases.This occurs approximately in the middle of the cycle.With regular menstrual cycle, ovulation accounts for 12-14 days.


to prepare to conceive a baby , you need to go through mandatory testing and perform some recommendations:

  • tested for antibodies and toxoplasmosis;
  • check the thyroid gland (hormones);
  • do gene analysis to find out the hereditary forms of pathology (for those who a
    re about to become parents for the first time);
  • quit smoking and drinking alcohol - it can cause the pathology of the child;
  • overweight also can be a cause of disease in pregnancy, so the change of diet, nutrition;
  • visit the dentist: any dental problems should be addressed before pregnancy, as anesthesia can adversely affect the fetus.
  • observe the regime of the day.

All these rules are necessary not only the expectant mother.From his father the child's health depends not less.Male body recovers better than women.Therefore, you should also give up smoking and alcohol, then 4 months spermatozoa return mobility.

At preconception sure to check compatibility with your partner and the likelihood of Rh-conflict, as this depends directly on the health of your child.

Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow a daily routine, do exercises, special attention to the exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and back.Often walk in the fresh air.It is necessary to good nutrition: emphasizes fruits and vegetables, lean meat and dairy products.Avoid stress and depression.

At the planning stage of pregnancy, it is recommended intake of multivitamin supplements, essential vitamin is folic acid.Admission folic acid several months before conception greatly reduces the risk of having children with disabilities in development.

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