Health problems during pregnancy

Dental problems

Dental health during pregnancy is often ignored by future moms.Some women miss the visit to the dentist, putting it on the post-natal period.And in vain!Tooth decay in pregnant women against the background of reduced immunity develops twice as fast as it can lead to pulpitis.Bleeding gums (gingivitis) - another common complaint among pregnant women.The microbes that multiply in the mouth can cause infection in the body and, therefore, harm the health of unborn baby.

In order to avoid problems with their teeth during pregnancy , you must be prevented at home: clean your teeth 2 times a day, rinse your mouth with an antiseptic, not to lean on sweets.And, of course, be sure to visit the dentist.


Injuries during pregnancy , unfortunately quite common.Sprains, broken limbs, bruises that pregnant women receive during syncope while driving, or reckless, can seriously harm the fetus, and sometimes lead to a spontaneous abortion.In addition to the elementary prudence sho

uld own the information and what to do when injuries during pregnancy .First, do not panic and call the doctor for the opportunity to be in the supine position before his arrival.Listen to your body and read the stirring of the baby.Signs of fetal injury can be bloody vaginal discharge, termination of perturbations, cramping.


Gestational diabetes usually develops after 16 weeks of pregnancy in about 5% of women.Doctors have identified a number of possible causes of diabetes in pregnancy:

  • overweight - sharp increase in body weight in pregnancy, which leads to obesity.It is believed that the rate of gain up to 12 kg for the entire pregnancy;

  • hereditary factor - if someone from the next of kin had diabetes;

  • late pregnancy - in women older than 35 years;

  • pathology history - hydramnion last pregnancy, birth of children with developmental disabilities, rise in blood sugar.

As a rule, after the birth gestational diabetes goes away.

Genital infections

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are the greatest danger to the health of mother and fetus, and sometimes even incompatible with pregnancy. Genital infections during pregnancy , such as human papilloma virus (HPV), gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, syphilis, must be subject to treatment before the infection of the fetus occurs.That is why it is important to immediately identify the disease, passing all the necessary tests.The treatment, which will have to undergo a pretty tough, but the risks that threaten the baby in the event of infection is much higher: the defeat of organs and tissues of the fetus, the inflammation of the placenta, birth of a child with terrible abnormalities, miscarriage and even stillbirth.

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