Weight gain during pregnancy

The rate of weight gain during pregnancy

waiting baby - a wonderful and exciting time for any woman.All thoughts and actions are focused on the future moms nascent life on his small treasure.That's the way nature is.But a woman is always a woman.She always wants to look attractive, regardless of the long-awaited stomach, and receive sincere compliments its position .And blurred during pregnancy figure - not the ultimate dream, of course.Nobody wants to be like the hippo, though quite nice, and all the more to keep this image after birth.And leave recruited pounds after pregnancy oh so easy.And do not think that everything will disappear after the birth itself, this happens rarely.It is better to err in advance and try not to go beyond the norm in weight gain during the pregnancy itself, especially because it is not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but also good for health as the mother and baby.

well before conception would have a normal body weight.If the woman weighs less than 45 kg or

more than 90 kg, during pregnancy it will need special medical attention. Total 9 months must obtain at least 7 kg, but not more than 14 kg. considered ideal addition of 11.5 kg.

In detail

pregnant women, of course, be interesting to know, whereby it "fatter".The uterus will weigh around 1 kg, the breast - 0.5 kg more than before.Add an additional amount of blood (0.9 kg), the fluid in body tissues (0.9 kg) and additional fat (about 3.6 kg).The weight of the fetus and surrounding tissue - about 4.5 kg.Thus, summing up, we find that the overall gain weight should be equal to 11.5 kg.Unfortunately, all typed beyond that - the excess fluid and fat that will remain after the birth.

question is what to do to become a good figure is not fabulous memories?First of all, do not go to extremes!This is very important. Pregnancy - not a time for dieting and experiments on his body.Because the woman bears a child, is responsible not only for ourselves, but for him.The key to success - is, of course, proper nutrition that will benefit and the figure after giving birth, and the health of the unborn child.


Firstly, the products must be fresh, quality and natural.Mandatory dairy products - cheeses, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, dairy products, since they have a lot of calcium.Pay attention also should be in the diet on a variety of cereals, and foods rich in protein.Vegetables, fruits, rye bread, nuts, seeds - in general, the rules do not differ from the general principles of a healthy diet.Now for the products whose use it is desirable to minimize.It's all kinds of carbonated drinks.They not only contain large amounts of sugar, and hence the empty calories, but also a variety of dyes, additives and fragrances, which are clearly not benefit.It is also necessary to limit the consumption of sweet.For example, you can not get involved in the condensed milk.And not everyone understands why milk is a product.And in fact, there is too much sugar.One teaspoon of condensed milk in solution of sugar is much more than a teaspoon.In addition to the forbidden foods should also include sausages, all kinds of home-made - in short, everything that contains a large number of preservatives and salt.

sense of proportion

Govor I of the restrictions, we must understand that we are all human, and sometimes you need to pamper yourself.It is especially difficult to cope with the temptation of being in the "interesting" position when only one reference salty cucumber makes you forget everything.Therefore, it is permissible to allow yourself little liberties that are sure to have a beneficial effect on the mood of the expectant mother.The main thing to know the measure of all.

Sport pregnancy

To help in the fight against excessive weight gain also will come physical activity.No wonder they say, "Pregnancy - not a disease."So, unless contraindicated by the physician during pregnancy is not only possible but necessary to obtain permits types of physical activity.Nowadays there are so many special programs for pregnant women in fitness clubs and health centers.Aerobics, Pilates, dance styles, improving gymnastics, yoga for pregnant , water aerobics, swimming.And how useful simple long walks in the fresh air.Home again, the choice of the type and intensity of exercise, be sure to consult with your doctor, and throughout pregnancy.

So, pregnancy - is not a reason to eat for two.Simply provide for themselves and the baby is really useful substances rather than empty carbohydrates, which are happy to settle on a figure in the form of fat.There are cases when a woman during pregnancy, on the contrary, almost gaining weight.Wherein the child is born healthy, normal weight.And it all is that being in a position, the expectant mother was able to properly adjust your diet, eliminating all superfluous and unnecessary.It is important to remember that everything is in our hands.Be sure to only listen to what your doctor says, to follow its recommendations, and all will be well.

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