The stomach after cesarean

No matter how great the desire to regain the wasp waist, remember that the postpartum period, and especially post-operative - not the best time for intensive training.The body and the figure must be restored gradually, without haste and extremes.Then you will not only not harm your health, but also to achieve long-term results.

Let's start with the fact that the first time after surgery the stomach can look no better.This is not surprising: it takes time to place the incision has healed and overgrown seam slept postoperative swelling.Usually, the healing process lasts about a week.Only upon completion you can begin to assess the state of his stomach.

Here, incidentally, all individually: often women who have given birth naturally, experiencing many more problems with saggy belly , prokesarennye than moms.So the issue here is not so much in the mode of delivery, but in the condition of the body and changes that occurred during pregnancy.

begins to train the press can be no earlier than 6 wee

ks after surgery, and it is better in 2 months.Also after cesarean better to refuse sex on the recovery period so you do not accidentally damage the scar.But this does not mean you have to sit idly by.Here are some tips that will help you begin to rebuild stomach after cesarean section:

  • before surgery buy postpartum bandage.If there are no contraindications, it can start to wear on the first day after surgery.Such a bandage helps the uterus to contract and also supports the abdominal muscles;
  • a few days after surgery, you can start doing simple exercises (of course, only after consultation with your doctor).We remind you that the motion should be the most elementary: upgrades hands cautious ups and rotation of the pelvis, abdomen inflation and deflation, Kegel exercises;
  • not to aggravate the situation with distended abdomen, watch your diet.No, in no case do not sit on a strict diet.But eating for two is not worth.Start eating right : more vegetables, fruits and foods rich in protein.Such a diet will be useful for the figure, and for the kid, if you're a nursing mother;
  • walk as often as possible with your child: Hiking helpful as ever.It is also useful to draw and relax the stomach.You can do this exercise anywhere, it imperceptibly and very effective;
  • pamper your skin.Useful wraps, masks, lotions, massage shower - everything that brings pleasure and benefit figure.

Restoring the stomach after cesarean section: 7 best exercises

position 6 weeks have elapsed, a doctor examined you and has given OK, now you can without fear and without risk to health to start the exercises for the abdomen.The purpose of the proposed complex - strengthening the transversus abdominis.They are responsible for a flat tummy.

1. Stand up straight, arms outstretched to the sides and begin to make them circular movements.Do not stand at the same spot on and constantly moving around the room.

2. Few people know that exercise on the curl with dumbbells beautifully tightens the stomach.Do not forget to choose the right weight dumbbells - in your case, not more than 1 kg.

3. Push-ups from the table.Rest hands on the table and start to squeeze.Much easier than the traditional push-ups, but for the stomach - very effectively.

4. The next exercise is already complicated.Take a position for push-ups and classic lift one leg up.Take a few push-ups.Change the foot and repeat.

5. Climbs pelvis.Lie on the floor, bend your knees.Lift the hips up, keeping the shoulders off the floor.Hold for a few seconds, holding the muscles under stress, lower the hips down.

6. One of the most known and loved by all exercise - "scissors".Lie on the floor, hands sheet under the buttocks slightly raised while back.Lift your feet and start doing cross-mahi.

7. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, put his hands on his stomach.Start slowly to flick the stomach, without using thus buttocks.

8. For the first time, this complex will be quite enough.When the body is completely stronger, and stomach receive some training, you can proceed to more complex sets of exercises at the press, which will help you to fully bring into shape stomach after cesarean .

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