Kebab potato skewers

Leaving on a picnic, taking with him not only meat, but also potatoes.And if you use potatoes, the taste will be unforgettable.

between slices of potato can be strung pieces of fat or thin slices of meat , but then it is better to use a red chicken or turkey or pork marinated well , to the preparation of potato and meat was about the same.

You will need:
  • potatoes (preferably young);
  • lard (salt or fresh);
  • meat (pork, chicken) - optional;
  • salt;
  • rosemary (or cumin);
  • ground pepper;
  • foil.

cooking kebab potatoes

Cut the fat and if we want the meat into small slices.Just try Fat - how it be salted?If much of the salt that is quite enough for potatoes.
kebab potato with bacon

potatoes cut into crosswise slices of 5 mm.Young potatoes clean and cut into straight in the skin.

Now stringing bacon-potato-meat-and-potatoes etc.Convenient to first make a pyramid on the board for half the potatoes, then pierce their skewer, so your kebab is smoother and you will not hurt your hands.On average one ske
wer should enter three potatoes.
kebab potato with bacon
kebab potato with bacon

After kebabs potatoes strung, cut the sheet of foil, put it another skewer, sprinkle with salt (do not forget that fat is already salty), rosemary or zira, pepper.Then tighten the foil so that the fat and juices from the meat did not follow, and infiltrated the potatoes.
kebab potato with bacon

spread the kebabs of meat and potatoes on the fire.If you cook the potatoes with bacon only then it will be enough for 20-25 minutes, or if the meat, then a little longer - but not more than half an hour.Do not forget to turn the skewers.

When the meat is almost ready, the fat melts, and the potatoes become soft, you will have to remove the foil.You will understand that it is time to do this when the aroma starts to make its way through the cracks in the foil.
kebab potato with bacon

Bake potatoes with meat and fat on the coals until golden brown.Potatoes will be fragrant and turn into fat vyzharki.But do not overdo, or potatoes will become dry and start to burn fat.
kebab potato with bacon

All potatoes on skewers with bacon and meat is ready!It remains only to immediately submit to the table with the words:
- surprised, lad, yak Tse Uzbeks zharyut potatoes with bacon!

Bon appetit and good rest!
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