Pros and cons of caesarean section

Pros cesarean

Caesarean section allows the baby to be born, when natural childbirth, for whatever reason, are not possible.This is a strong argument in favor of caesarean section, but this argument train runs only if the operation really cause serious problems affecting the natural process of birth.There are times when natural childbirth are permitted, but threatened complication.In this case, the operation reduces the risk of possible complications, which also is an undoubted advantage cesarean .

in some way with the help of labor operations are faster and less painful.Again, if the child was born by caesarean section, then back down some physiological inconveniences: the vagina is not stretched, no breaks, no surgical incision, which are sometimes made to prevent injury to a child.If not dissections and ruptures in the crotch, there is no seam, thus no problems with the healing of the intimal area of ​​the human body is less hygiene problems.

Since Caesarean section baby passes through the

birth canal, there is no risk of deformation of the baby's head.When the operation is also possible to avoid such unpleasant moments, like the omission of the pelvic organs and the occurrence of hemorrhoids (which, of course, a big plus cesarean , because these sores to what the newly-mom).

Cons cesarean

Natural childbirth - this is a normal biological process, and cesarean section - no, it involves external influence, not the planned nature.When natural childbirth the woman is recovering faster (provided that they have been fine), after cesarean healing process takes longer.Recovery after surgery is accompanied by a number of restrictions: bed rest, diet, ban on any action.Mom will be difficult to care for the child, because she can not lift weights or to move a lot.

operation takes place under general anesthesia, but after she departed from it, it will feel the pain in the joint.

Caesarean section, like any surgery, does not guarantee the complete absence of complications and consequences .When surgical intervention may come into contact infection in the abdominal cavity that resound big problems take a lot of time and health.

cesarean section scar on the uterus is, because of which women are forced to make a big break between births (so that, for someone who wants to pogodok, this is not an option).Emerged scar can cause uterine rupture during subsequent births, which is one of the biggest drawbacks cesarean .

Finally, for some women it is very important to feel the birthing process: labor for them are linked with the entry into a close emotional bond with the child.Experts note that a number of women have psychological problems because of wrong birth - the natural process of replacement surgery.

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