How to dress for pregnant women in autumn

Pregnancy - the best time and an extra reason to update your wardrobe.A fall - season is warm and comfortable things that will warm in bad weather and shelter from the rain.But what exactly to buy the expectant mother?

What should be the autumn clothes for pregnant women?

Many expectant mothers want to know, how to dress for pregnant autumn .First of all let's define what should be the clothes.Below are the main selection criteria.

1. Comfort. clear that while waiting for the baby the woman should experience positive emotions, so that autumn clothes for pregnant should be as comfortable and convenient.What does it mean?It is necessary to give preference to free shaped, because nothing should hamper the movement and squeeze precious tummy.When it comes to outerwear, you can buy a jacket with sprawling inserts, that will ensure freedom of the growing belly and trapeze coats.

2. Materials. Speaking of outer clothing, it is best to give preference waterproof materials.M

oisture protection can be provided by special harmless impregnation.As for jackets, trousers and other things, the fabric should be light, breathable, natural and pleasant to the touch.From synthetics should be abandoned.

3. Heat. If interested, what to wear in the fall pregnant (especially late), the answer is simple: warm clothes.Jacket or coat should cover the pelvis and abdomen, to wind and cold did not penetrate inside.So it is better to choose a model with a rubber band or Drawstring bottom .Required high collar with buttons or lock (to the expectant mother does not chill the throat), as well as adjacent to the hand cuffs on the sleeves.The hood is also preferred.

4. Quality. Before you buy should check all joints and parts.If somewhere stick thread seams or diverge, such clothes quality can not exactly be called.

What should I buy?

So now worth listing, what to wear in the fall pregnant .What are the things you should definitely buy?

1. Jeans. This item of clothing is almost universal.Jeans for pregnant women have an elastic insert at the waist to support the abdomen.And here is a very wide range, from classical to straight jeans narrowed.

2. Jumpers and turtlenecks also worth to buy, to wear them with jeans.It is better to give preference to knitted fabrics.As for colors, it all depends on personal preference pregnant.

3. Leggings. Warm option can be worn with a dress or tunic.It is very convenient and beautiful.

4. Tunic.They favorably emphasize the stomach and very easy to use.Tunic with leggings and ballet flats - a great combination for any occasion.

5. Dresses. better to buy a jersey dress, as this material is able to "grow" with the stomach.

6. Cardigan. He will need at the beginning of autumn cool evenings.If you buy a model with a smell and a belt, it will be possible to carry it and after childbirth.

7. Velour suit. This is a very comfortable and beautiful.Wear it can be a walk in the park or before heading to the store.

8. shirts on warm days.

9. Accessories. They are designed to revive the image and make it more original.

Where to buy fall clothes?

So that, how to dress for pregnant autumn , has already been written in great detail.But where to buy such clothes?Of course, it is best to go to a specialty store of clothing for pregnant women, since there is the whole range is designed for mums.But in retail stores can easily find things free kroev and styles.So the choice is yours.

Dear expectant mothers, be beautiful and stylish always!Dress fashionable and comfortable!

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