Gentle treatment of the common cold during pregnancy

begin treatment immediately, as soon as feel unwell, sore throat and nasal congestion.The first provide yourself peace, and let someone else take care of you.If the usual time you can afford to transfer disease "on their feet", during colds during pregnancy not worth the risk.Maybe you just need to rest in bed for several days, and the body to cope with the illness itself.

One of the main folk remedies for colds during pregnancy - plenty of warm sour drink.This can be water with lemon, cranberry juice, broth hips, and the like.If you do not want to eat, do not force yourself for a couple of days of fasting nothing bad will happen.When hungry, snack something light, such as a salad of cucumber and tomato and a piece of steamed fish.No need to overload the body of abundant food, because the forces he needs to recover.

Folk remedies for colds during pregnancy aimed at facilitating the condition of the patient, and above all, do no harm to her or her baby.


At a cold rinse your nose with salt water (1 tbsp. Of water, 1/2 ch. L. Salt) for the night, apply to the inner surface of the wings of the nose a little balm"asterisk".

Sore throat

from a sore throat to help frequent gargling with herbs: chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, or eucalyptus.Sea buckthorn oil is also good relieves pain: dip into it a teaspoon and hold it in your mouth.


cranberry or cranberry juice well help to reduce the temperature.


Cough well help inhalation with normal saline.It is also useful to breathe over the decoction of herbs, such as wild rose.Tasty and fast means - figs with milk.Pour some hot milk dried fruits.Let sit and drink at night (figs also can eat).


Excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of colds pregnancy - natural vitamins.Drink freshly squeezed juices.Of these, the body assimilate nutrients as much as he needs, and you will not have hypervitaminosis.One of the most delicious and healthy juices - carrot and apple.

Remember to use antibiotics for colds pregnant in any case it is impossible!Try to do as much as possible "home" means.

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