Everything goes according to plan - Caesarean section

Planned caesarean section is prescribed in cases where a natural delivery is threatened by various complications for the mother or child.The reasons may be different from the improper location of the child in the womb, and multiple pregnancy to a narrow pelvis and serious health problems in the mother.

Typically, surgery is prescribed for a period of 38 weeks, but depending on the individual performance data may vary.It is believed that by this time the child is fully donoshen and ready to be born.In some cases, the doctor decides to wait a few days to a child, "ripe", and sometimes, on the contrary, makes the operation before (eg if there is a risk of hypoxia in a child).In most cases pregnant put the hospital in advance to monitor the status of the child and of the expectant mother.

How is elective caesarean section

before elective Caesarean section expectant mother is taking a shower, she carried out the necessary procedures (enema, shaving) and escorted to the operating room, where

she carefully examined and anesthetized.The doctor removes the baby through an incision in the abdomen, cut the umbilical cord, and then examine the newborn midwife and neonatologist.At this time maternal sutured.The whole operation takes about 20-30 minutes.It is believed that such births are relatively painless, which is a plus cesarean .If there are no complaints, the mother and baby are discharged from the hospital on 7th day.


Ideally birth via cesarean section planned should be different from the natural only by the mode of delivery, and all the rest - to remain unchanged.However, sometimes it is difficult to organize, for example, if general anesthesia is used.In this case, the mother needs time to recover, and eventually birth to her like a dream.

with epidural anesthesia the lower part of a woman's body loses its sensitivity, while it is fully aware of what is happening, he sees her child immediately after birth and has the ability to apply it to the breast immediately or at least within the first three hours.Sometimes the doctor will not allow feed the child because the mother receives medications that can harm the baby.In such cases, it may just keep it on hand or even to instruct the Pope.

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