How useful fish during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are recommended to consume daily about 350 grams of fish and seafood.Allowed to eat shrimp, salmon, tuna, herring, cod and catfish, seafood with low mercury content (tilapia, clams, mussels, oysters).But it is recommended to reduce the consumption of canned fish.

significant benefit of fish during pregnancy

Much depends on the fish, if the fish is fresh and well prepared, it will be useful to anyone, even pregnant women, because the seafood are useful for the proper development of the child.According to studies, if the mother during pregnancy consumed as food fish, the child after birth will be much better developed cognitive skills and motor skills.In 25% of children whose mothers ate during pregnancy of 350 g of fish per day, at the age of six months holistic development indicators were considerably higher compared to children whose mothers have ignored this recommendation.

Why fish?

fish contains five nutrients: omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin D, folic acid and iron.Al

l of these substances are very useful for pregnant women, and appointed as vitamins.Just why buy vitamins at the pharmacy if all this can be found in seafood.

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