Curd Easter interesting recipe

Curd Easter with condensed milk


  • cottage cheese (9% fat) - 700 g;

  • butter - 150 g;

  • cream (20-25% fat) - 150 g;

  • condensed milk - 200 g;

  • sugar - 1/4 st .;

  • vanilla sugar - 1 hr. Liter;

  • apricots - 100g


1. To start, prepare apricots: a good wash, pour over boiling water, then dry and finely chop.

2. fat cottage cheese (the fatter the better) grind through a sieve or blender (you can also scroll through a couple of times in a meat grinder).Add the cream cheese softened butter, sugar and vanilla sugar.All the mix.

3. Then add the cream cheese mixture, condensed milk and dried apricots.Well knead the mass of a spoon or spatula.

4. Form for Easter Cover the wet gauze, folded in two layers.Fill out the curd on top and cover with wooden (plastic) board.

5. Top put the load and store in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

6. Before serving, turn the curd Easter on a nice flat plate.

Curd Easter - recipe

Honey Easter with nectarines


  • fat cottage cheese - 5

    00 g;

  • nectarines - 200 g;

  • fat sour cream - 100 g;

  • butter - 20 g;

  • lemon peel;

  • lemon juice;

  • honey - 50 g;

  • poppy - '20


1. Nectarines wash, peel off the skin, remove seeds.Then cut into small cubes.For nectarines, add grated lemon zest and poppy seeds.On top of the mixture pour lemon juice, stir and leave to infuse for 40 minutes.

2. Cottage cheese chop blender or rub through a sieve, add the butter at room temperature, sugar and sour cream.All beat with a mixer or blender.

3. In cottage cheese mixture, add the liquid mixture of honey and nectarines.Mix well.

4. home ready gauze shape Put cottage cheese, cover with a plate or flat board and press down oppression.

5. Remove the curd Easter in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours.

Curd Easter - interesting recipes

Recipe Easter cheese gelatin

Feature curd Easter with gelatin - to use sour cream instead of whipped cream.This Easter has a pleasant and gentle creamy taste without the "sour."

1. First of all you need to prepare raisins and dried fruits.Wash and dry them.Number define your own.

2. Leaf gelatine (5 sheets) Soak in cold water for 15 minutes.It is very convenient to use sheet gelatin, but if there is none, that's okay, fit and normal.

3. Press and dissolve the gelatin in 1/2 heavy cream.Mix well and leave to cool.

4. The dry gelatin (about 2-3 tbsp. L.) Should be soaked in cold cream and after swelling for 45 minutes, heated in a water bath or in the microwave (in any case, do not boil), then drain well and cool.

5. While gelatin cools, cottage cheese (600 g), rub through a sieve, and 400 ml of whipping cream (33-35%), beat with a glass of sugar (can be longer).

6. Mix the cottage cheese, whipped cream and gelatin solution at room temperature.When the gelatin has started to set, it can be a little heated.

7. Add to the mix the raisins, candied fruit, dried fruit, nuts and vanilla (all to your taste).

8. Cover the form with cling film and fill with cottage cheese.Take in the refrigerator for several hours (preferably overnight).Turn onto a plate, remove the foil and serve.

traditional dish can be prepared in a new way, not only by adding special ingredients, but also try to cook Easter multivarka - your pet will love it.

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