Alternative ways to get pregnant

stark statistics

According to the survey of 62 million women of reproductive age were treated with 2% related to the diagnosis of infertility, and 10% received other medical prescription.It also reported that in most cases 85-90% of infertility treatment involves conventional medical methods (medical or surgical treatment), sometimes helps chiropractic , but for others the only hope for adoption and alternative methods of getting pregnant : in vitro fertilizationor other reproductive technology.Unfortunately, progress has not always even able to help couples, who really wants to have children.

Intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine insemination, also known as artificial insemination, involves special treatment sperm and transfer it into the uterus during the ovulation.At the same time, the woman has to take fertility drugs to stimulate fertile function.

This procedure is recommended to couples, if the problem is a small number of sperm, low sperm motility, or a woman's uterine anomaly situ

ation, or in other unexplained causes of infertility.

costs intrauterine insemination depend on what time the procedure is a woman, whether a sperm donor or from her husband.There are additional costs for treatment, ultrasound diagnostics and control.The price range for artificial insemination varies from 9,000 to 30,000 rubles depending on the region, the qualifications of the doctor, clinic status.

vitro fertilization (IVF)

fertilization does not take place in the fallopian tubes of women, and in vitro.The egg is surgically removed and fertilized with sperm of her husband, and only after that the embryo is inserted into the uterine cavity.Today, IVF - one of the most popular alternative technologies pregnant not only in Russia but also abroad.For example, in the US 90% of childless couples are turning it to the medical services in order to have a baby.

There are some restrictions: in many medical centers, the couple may resort to IVF only three times.At the same time, one procedure can cost about 180,000 rubles, but the percentage of probability that everything will turn out right the first time, not so high, and why some women have to repeat a course of in vitro fertilization.

transfer of gametes into the fallopian tube (GIFT)

essence of this alternative method is that the sperm and the egg is extracted surgically placed directly into the fallopian tubes.IeUnlike in vitro fertilization conception in this case it occurs in a woman's body.The average cost of the procedure is 360,000 rubles.

transfer of zygotes in the fallopian tubes (zefta)

In this procedure, the transfer of the embryo (in the zygote stage) in a woman's fallopian tubes occurs after fertilization.As with GIFT treatment, the transfer of zygotes in the fallopian tube is an average of 450,000 rubles per attempt.

donation and surrogacy

Many couples turn to the family planning centers on the donation or to find a surrogate mother .Of course, young families want to try to achieve results on their own with their egg and sperm.Couples older resort directly to the donation of oocytes (eggs).

average cost of donor eggs ranges from 350,000 to 450,000 rubles per attempt.Some centers also provides for compensation for the donor - about 210,000 rubles.

Donation of sperm and ova completely anonymous information about the donor is kept secret.Of course, you can come to the center with the person you have chosen to donors, but it must be a complete examination.

Alternative Treatment

no secret that many couples are not completely satisfied with the prices, since average earnings afford one of these procedures possible.Therefore, women rely on proper nutrition and special exercises and maintain health.Plus, they are looking for alternative ways infertility treatment .Some of them have resorted to acupuncture and / or chiropractic.It stimulates the body to function normally.Acupuncture helps to confront the problems that can lead to infertility, such as thyroid disease, and helps increase blood flow in the uterus.Among the risks in the method of acupuncture - bruising.The average cost of a course of procedures varies from 6,000 rubles.


hard to imagine what it would cost painted physician treatment, but should discuss all financial matters in advance.First of all, decide what budget you have, and how much you plan to keep.There is nothing to be ashamed of.Just the doctor will prescribe medication already on the basis of your financial opportunities to prescribe expensive drugs, alternative medicines.Although in any case, a specific set of analyzes carried out free of charge, and it costs you have to prepare.

Some doctors and clinics can offer you payment in installments, others require full payment before the procedure, as collateral.

Each country has its own program to restore reproductive health services.Learn about them better, because you may find yourself in a group of lucky people for free in vitro fertilization, because health insurance does not cover most of the costs of family planning.

right to hope

addition to the financial burden in the reproductive matter, couples are often subjected to emotional breakdown, neurosis and depression.And if the first attempt is not successful, you must gather all his will into a fist and move on with hope, because it is faith in the result - one of the keys to success.Try not to take it out on loved ones, and if you think that everything is pregnant, and in your family stork still can not look in, contact, or to a psychologist or to relatives for help, because you are closer to empty.

You can also reach out to people with the same problem, which, just like you overcome a lot of difficulties in the hope of seeing two cherished strips on the pregnancy test.Many online resources are forums where childless couples communicate - there you will always find support and understanding.And when you finally get pregnant, you will have many friends who will genuinely enjoy your happiness.It is only after going through all the difficulties, we can understand how you were hard and exciting, but it was worth it.And if you had to repeat all over again - you would have done, as children - it is happiness that is worth any effort.

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