The best recipes for cakes glaze

sugar icing for cakes

This version - the most simple and affordable.To prepare the icing for cakes just simply using powdered sugar and water, and, if desired, flavoring (vanilla, etc.), and food dyes.

just asking for a glass of powdered sugar and add to it 120 ml of warm water and flavoring. mixture stir well with a wooden spatula and heat to 40 ° C (stirring constantly).If the frosting is too thick, add a little water if too thin - a little powdered sugar.

Coat the cake immediately after preparation.Icing dries for a long time, so you can dry the product with a little glaze in the oven (at a temperature of about 80 ° C).

Recipes for cakes glaze - icing

protein icing

protein glaze - the most common form of decoration cakes. I'm sure many will remember how hard my grandmother whipped whites crossed fork or whisk.Fortunately nowadays have probably not find the hostess without misera, so the cooking process has become as simple as possible.

So 1-2 refrigerated egg protein (depending on the size of eggs) Pour into a bow

l, add 1 hour. L.powdered sugar and begin whisking mixer on slow speed.Then gradually add the sifted powdered sugar (1 tbsp.), Increasing the speed of the mixer.Whisk until a thick mass stable.Important: try not to kill squirrels!

Recipes glaze for cakes - chocolate glaze

Chocolate glaze

cakes decorated with the usual chocolate icing that we use to decorate cakes and pastries, too, is exceptionally tasty.Shokomany appreciated!

easiest, and most importantly, delicious option - Mix 100 g of natural dark chocolate and 50 ml of cream.For this fault chocolate into pieces, pour the hot cream and rub thoroughly until all the chocolate has melted and the mixture becomes elastic.

If you want to icing for cakes was hard, add a little less cream.Conversely, if you prefer dstatochno liquid ganache, cream should be used more.

also possible to prepare the glaze for cakes of cocoa and condensed milk. Melt in a saucepan 100 g butter, add to it 4 tbsp.l.cocoa and mix well.Then remove from heat and pour into a mixture of a tin of condensed milk.Mix well and put back on the stove.

icing Boil on low heat for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly.Use frosting needed immediately, as it quickly hardens.If the glaze harden, and you do not have time to pour over cakes, heat it in a water bath.

Recipes glaze for cakes - white chocolate icing

glaze white chocolate

white chocolate glaze is similar to the previous one.Only cream and chocolate are used in equal proportions: Boil 100 ml cream (33% fat) and fill them 100 grams of a broken white chocolate.Stir until smooth.Refrigerate for 15 minutes in the refrigerator and put on cakes.

Recipes glaze for cakes - sweet

Sweet cakes for

as a glaze for cakes often use sugar sweet. she prepared.Mix 1 tbsp.sugar and 1/2 Art.water, put the mixture on the heat and simmer, stirring constantly.Boil until needed, until the syrup upon addition to cold water will not start to slide in a white soft ball.

Remove the finished syrup from heat and cool to 40 ° C.You can sprinkle the syrup with water to keep the crust was formed.The cooled syrup mixer, beat until smooth white paste.

way, easy to cook cakes themselves in multivarka or in bread maker .If you have a cake pan, you can use it - in the round "nest" can be placed in the middle of the most beautiful Easter eggs .

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