To get to the "window of conception": how to determine ovulation

What is ovulation?

The ovaries constantly the process of aging eggs.About once a month, one or more ova ripen and are ready to to be fertilized.They leave the ovary and begin to let on the fallopian tubes.In the oviduct the egg meets the sperm that fertilizes it.The fertilized egg enters the uterus and attaches to the endometrium.Since then she becomes pregnant.

If the egg is not met by a sperm, it dies.The mucous membrane of the uterus, and not waiting for a fertilized egg, peeled, and exits the body through the vagina - menstruation begins.

planning pregnancy and ovulation

If you want to have a baby, you definitely need to "catch" the ovulation - pregnancy is possible only when already ripened egg from the ovary and left, but not yet dead.In order for the pregnancy, you need to get into the so-called "window of conception" - a time when the egg can meet the sperm.It is also believed that ovulation can be determine the sex of the unborn child .But how to determine ovulation? There are many ways, both household and laboratory.Let's start with the first.

How to identify ovulation for its features?

First, change the color and character of vaginal discharge.The color may become darker, the discharge becomes more viscous and heavy.However, this same feature can be a symptom of an inflammatory process, so be careful.

Secondly, once the body is ready to conceive, he really wants this conception.You probably noticed: a few days a month, and you only have thoughts about sex.No, you do not go crazy, just hormones your body has changed - in fact you are not configured for sexual games, and procreation.

Thirdly, such a jump is hormonal side effects - abrupt change of mood, malaise, the tears, the laughter, the constant hunger, changing tastes and flatulence.A sort of mini-pregnancy.

Another sign - swollen breasts.There may be pain in the breast - so the body prepares for pregnancy .

Fourthly, the gap ovarian tissue during the release of the egg can cause pain and cramping in the lower abdomen on the side where the ovary.Again, these same symptoms can point to the inflammatory process.

How to identify ovulation using special techniques?

easiest method - tests for ovulation.Once a day, early in the morning using a test and see when ovulation occurs.

Another of simple "home" methods , allowing determine ovulation - changes in basal body temperature.During ovulation it rises just a few tenths of a degree, and then again returns to normal.

If you do not trust such methods determining ovulation , consult a gynecologist.On examination, he immediately noticed the change in the position and appearance of the cervix - changing its position slightly, and she swells, it becomes softer.In addition, the US is always 100% determines the egg came out or not.That's just whether you do ultrasound every day?

Well, "exotic" way of, how to determine ovulation - saliva.Under the microscope saliva women whose ovulation has occurred, different characteristic crystalline pattern.

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