Stimulation of ovulation: helps the body to get pregnant

What is the stimulation of ovulation?

In normal mode, almost every month in the ovaries matures one (sometimes more) yaytsekleka, which at mid-cycle released from the ovary - is ovulating.Persistent nevyzrevanie eggs, ie lack of ovulation - anovulation.Background can be different: inflammation of the ovaries, hormonal disorders, some personal reasons.Meanwhile, anovulation - one of the causes of infertility.

If you diagnose anovulation as a treatment you can assign ovulation stimulation.

What is the stimulation of ovulation?

Stimulation of ovulation provide medical hormonal therapy, in cases where the ovaries do not mature egg.The purpose stimulate ovulation - to force the body to grow one or more capable of fertilization of eggs and increase the chances of conception.

Selection of drugs and their dosage in each case individually and depends on the individual characteristics of women and the cause of anovulation.If such a reason is not installed or installed incorrectly, stimulation o

f ovulation may not bring any benefit.

Before deciding to stimulation of ovulation

Diagnosis "anovulation puts a doctor, and his statement is insufficient evidence of one or even several cycles.If you put such a diagnosis on the basis of basal body temperature charts for one or more cycles, go to another doctor, because the use of basal body temperature charts as the sole source of information for the formulation of such a diagnosis - a blunder.After all, the use of hormone therapy to treat the absence of disease can have on your health serious consequences.

Diagnosis "anovulation" is placed after the long, for several consecutive cycles, constant ultrasound monitoring and analysis of multiple hormones.Only on the basis of these data the doctor can prescribe you ovulation stimulation.

Before the stimulation, it is necessary to make a fresh analysis of the semen of her husband (partner) - it must show that your partner is able to conceive a child with you.And excuses such as "Yes, I've done before, everything was normal" and "I've got a first marriage 2 children were, then, all right," rejected categorically: You have to be sure that it was this man, and it is now able to precisely conceivechild.Spermogrammoj need to do prior to stimulation - not after several failed, namely, before the first stimulate ovulation.

Another survey, which is better to go to stimulation - the study of tubal patency.And then get some egg is released, but will not go far.

During stimulation requires constant ultrasound monitoring - is the only way you can know what's going on with you and your ovaries at the moment.Require a doctor standing ultrasound studies.

Stimulation of ovulation

Most often stimulate conducted drug "Clomid» or gonadotropins.In the first case the stimulation begins approximately 5-day cycle and ends at the 9th, the second 2nd -CO about 10-12 minutes per day.A few days after the start of stimulation begin to hold regular ultrasound examinations to monitor the health of the follicles.

When the follicles are normal for the release of the egg size is assigned an injection of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which prevents the regression of follicles and starts the process of ovulation.Within 1-2 days after the injection ovulation occurs.If the ultrasound showed that ovulation was successful, a woman prescribed additional hormone therapy to support ovarian and corpus luteum formation.

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