Live kvass at home

Kvass based on rye crackers


  • rye bread - half a loaf;

  • dry yeast - 30 g;

  • sugar - 130 g;

  • handful of raisins;

  • hot boiled water - 3 liters;

  • jars 3 L - 2 pcs.

method for preparing

1. To prepare kvass at home, you must make the foundation.To do this, cut the bread slices not thick dividing them and then another 4 parts.

2. In a hot oven dry the bread slices for 15 minutes.Turn off the oven and leave it crunches for another 10 minutes.

3. kvass at home is convenient to do a 3-liter glass jar.Well wash it and boil.Be careful not to scald your hands steam.

4. Put on the bottom of the banks and fill with boiling water crackers.Water should not be up to the brim.Leave 4-5 cm free.

5. Put 3 tbsp water.l.sugar.Stir with a spoon.

6. Grain kvass at home can not be prepared without natural yeast.Take a glass and fill it with warm water (30-40 ° C).Put the yeast in it and stir with a spoon until they are completely dissolved.

7. When the water in the pot has cooled slightl

y, pour into it the yeast solution and mix thoroughly.

8. Close the jar and leave for 2 days in the warmth.

9. After 2 days, using gauze strain the drink.Do not throw away the thick - it ferment.Put it in a jar and refrigerate.Now you'll use it for cooking kvass at home, adding 3-4 tablespoons rye crackers.l.grounds.

10. Pour the remaining sugar into the drink and stir until it is completely dissolved.Add the raisins.Cover and leave for another 12 hours.

11. You can now pour kvass in plastic bottles tightly closed lids and put into the refrigerator.After 24 hours, he will be ready for use.

Kvass at home - recipe

Recipe kvass with mint


  • rye biscuits - 1 kg;

  • dry yeast - 30 g;

  • sugar - 200 g;

  • bunch of mint;

  • handful of raisins - 50 -60 g;

  • water - 8 liters.

method for preparing

1. To prepare a refreshing kvass at home add crumbs in an enamel pan and pour boiling water.Close the lid and leave for 4 hours.

2. Strain.

3. Add the sugar, chopped mint and dissolved in a glass of warm water yeast.Leave the mixture for 6 hours covering capacity napkin.Mint leaves give a refreshing kvass unique taste and aroma.

4. When the surface of the drink will foam, strain it again.

5. bottling, adding in every little bit of raisins and a sprig of mint.Zakuporte and send a couple of days in the refrigerator.

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Preparation kvass at home requires a lot of time, but the result will exceed all your expectations.A taste quality home beverage eclipse all store counterparts.

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