How to Cook kvass at home

kvass recipe without yeast


  • rye bread - roll 1;

  • sugar - 250 g;

  • raisins - 70 g;

  • water - 8 liters.

method for preparing

1. Rye bread cut into cubes of medium size and drain in the oven.They should be rosy and crispy.

2. Put the croutons in a 3-liter glass jar.When you first become interested in how to make kvass at home, fill them about half the container to ferment get more.

3. Boil water and dissolve in it 10-13 full article.l.sugar.To speed up the fermentation, add the raisins.

4. Cover the bottle opening with gauze or linen napkin.

5. Within 3 days kvass will wander.If you choose not to cook a brew at home, but also to master the intricacies of the science, to observe the process.Under the influence of the gas generated in the bank, crackers begin to stir, rising up and falling back to the bottom.With each passing hour process will become more intense.

6. Strain the drink and pour it into the jar.

7. Save half thick.When you are ready to prepare the brew at ho

me next time, add to it 100 g of fresh croutons, 3-4 tablespoons.l.sugar, raisins and berries 7-10 again put to ferment, the bay water.

8. Kvass based on old school will be ready in 12 hours.So you can deal with kvass at home until you get bored.

How to Cook kvass at home - brew with horseradish

Kvass with horseradish and honey "Vigorous┬╗


  • rye biscuits - 800 g;

  • yeast - 20 g;

  • horseradish - 100 g;

  • honey - 100 g;

  • raisins - 50 g

With this recipe, you can cook at home brew with a bright taste and intensive fizzy effect.

1. Fill the biscuits with hot water and leave to infuse for 4 hours.

2. Strain.Add the yeast and let wander drink 5 hours.

3. Grate horseradish and put in a brew.The following solutions honey.

4. Mix well and pour into a glass jar or bottle, add raisins.

5. until cooked kvass has yet to stand for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator.

How to Cook kvass at home - beet

beet kvass


  • black bread - 200 g;

  • beets - 1 kg;

  • sugar - 20 g;

  • garlic - 1 clove;

  • water - 2 liters;

  • salt to taste.

Finally I want to tell housewives how to cook bread kvass at home on the basis of beet.This drink is a kind of spicy, slightly spicy taste.It can be a great addition to any meal.And beet kvass used for weight loss.

1. Raw beets clean and grate.Put in a glass jar of 3 liters and cover with hot water.This also lower slice of black bread, sprinkle in sugar and salt.

2. Cover the jar clean gauze and store in a warm place for three days.

3. Within a few hours until ready to drink crush garlic cloves.

4. Strain the brew, and it will be ready for use.

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