How to sew a costume fairy Tinkerbell own hands: MK

materials for costume fairy Tinkerbell own hands

Pattern you really do not need - to sew their own hands costume fairy Tinkerbell we will use as a prototype solid swimsuit.

For sewing costume fairy Tinkerbell we will need:
  • Piece Swimsuit (or T-shirt and shorts) in a pattern,
  • sheet of paper and a pencil,
  • scissors,
  • tailor's chalk,
  • pin,
  • safety pins.
For costume:
  • fabric that good stretches (eg, velvet stretch),
  • string matching,
  • gum,
  • decorative gum,
  • full skirt of mesh or clothit.
for wings:
  • wire,
  • white stockings,
  • cardboard,
  • glue.

How to sew a costume fairy Tinkerbell own hands: MK

1. Fold the swimsuit (or T-shirt + pants) in half and attach it to a piece of paper. Circle "pattern" - this will be a prototype for the part of the back. item before will differ by only one line.

2. Transfer the outline of parts on the fabric. It certainly should be a fabric that stretches well - here is a stretch-velvet.If you also choose velvet, when migrati
ng patterns and cutting pay attention to the direction of the nap.

3. Cut out the parts, leaving the seam allowance of 1.5 cm.

4. Connect the pins or parts and sew, baste side seams and seam in the groin.

5. Treat leg openings - enough to bend the fabric seam and hem them "zigzag┬╗ (it tolerates stretching, and thus well suited for knitted fabrics and active children).

6. Treat zigzag armholes and neck.

7. The next step - the creation of arms-wings for a costume fairy Tinker Bell with her hands.Form sleeveless you see in the image.The flaps are is gathered so that the sleeve vykraivaya "drag" them in length.

For this costume without sleeve assembly would be 15 cm long, with the assembly he was stretched to 25 cm. The cuffs costume fairy Tinkerbell - about 8 cm in view of seam allowance.

8. Fold the sleeve to the width of the gum + some mm and sew.

9. With pin insert the sleeve gum and pull it off.Attach elastic sleeve in a few stitches and trim the excess.Do the same with the second sleeve.

If at your disposal a fabric that does not fray, it is better not to handle edge of the sleeve.

10. Pin cuffs to osnove- "swimsuit" pins and sew them.

skirt for the fairy Tinkerbell

1. next step - making the skirt. Measure the length of skirts and waist circumference.Waist multiply by 2 - is the length of the band of tissue that you need.Length is the length of the skirt.

2. Cut out triangles on the skirt (make sure that the ends of the fabric coincided).

3. Sew side seam of the skirt.

4. Gather skirt uniform folds.The most convenient way to do this if you sew the top edge of the skirt seam with reduced tension one of the strands, and then pulled away.

5. Secure the folds, to the edge of the skirt hem decorative elastic.

costume fairy wings for

1. To make the wings bend the wire framework.

2. Pull on the basis of a pair of white stockings or golfiki.Fix the nylon thread and trim excess.

2. With a couple of pieces of cardboard and glue fasten wings.Sew or glue a pair of gum hand, obtyanite cardboard cloth.

How to sew a costume fairy Tinkerbell own hands

If you do not have the lush lower skirt, sew it, bomber-tough fabric mesh.For a complete happiness buy green shoes and stick to them fluffy pompons.Do not forget to make a magic wand with ribbons - done!Your little fairy will be pleased costume fairy Tinkerbell, sewn by hand.

And if you want to sew a pair to suit the costume for a boy Peter Pan - a look at a master class on sewing suit for Robin Hood , they are very similar.

How to sew a costume fairy Tinkerbell own hands
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