Features secretions during ovulation

Signs of Ovulation

Signs of ovulation may be subjective (eg, abdominal pain are not at all) and objective (change in basal body temperature).There are a number of signs by which one can determine ovulation.

1. Pain in the lower abdomen.The sign, as already noted, the subjective, but for some women it is observed.Pain, as a rule, are pulling in the waist and give.Do not confuse these with other pain if you periodically disturb pains in the lower abdomen, is worth a visit and consult a doctor.

2. Features secretions during ovulation. Selections vary in color and consistency, increasing their number.

3. Change the basal (rectal) temperature.Upon the occurrence of ovulation the temperature rises, the next day - is reduced.

4. Increase in sexual desire.The trick of nature, aimed at enhancing the likelihood of conception.

emitted during ovulation: features, color, consistency

We have said that ovulation can be identified by the characteristic selection.Experts note that the presence of considered discharge at ovulation hundred percent, is not a reliable indicator, it likely can be attributed to indirect evidence (provided that the female self, focusing on the appearance of secretions, trying to determine when ovulation).Absolutely the beginning of ovulation can only show a special test .

Discharge usually begins a few hours before ovulation and may continue for several days.It is noted that release at ovulation become abundant.In appearance release at ovulation resemble egg white (color - from white to yellow), consistency is stretching fluid mucus (possible presence of gelatinous precipitates).

also highlight color can be reddish or pinkish, in which case allocation looks like a small bleeding.But at the same time if a lot of blood, it is best to seek medical advice: perhaps there are some malfunctions of the reproductive system.If release at ovulation have a specific unpleasant smell, is also worth visiting the gynecologist.Alert you must allocation brown: they can be a signal of the beginning and inflammation or infection, penetrating into the body.

Remember that there are factors that can affect the color and texture of vaginal discharge.Among them:

  • infections, sexually transmitted infections;
  • vaginal infections;
  • use lubricants (grease) with insufficient lubrication during intercourse;
  • sexual arousal;
  • surgery on the cervix;
  • breastfeeding;
  • douching.

emitted during ovulation: summary

1. on allocation can be determined ovulation , but it is not 100 protsenny sign.

2. It is necessary to take into account other factors that affect the color and consistency of secretions.

3. Bad breath, irritation and itching in the presence of secretions - it is an occasion to visit a gynecologist to check for diseases

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