The basal temperature during ovulation: unclassified code

Ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle and lasts all day.It was at this time the egg is released from the ovary and, if there is a meeting with the sperm, it will be fertilized.In order to calculate the most favorable period of conception, it is possible to schedule basal body temperature - during ovulation it will be a little higher than on other days.

What is basal temperature?

basal body temperature - a minimum temperature of the human body at the time of complete rest.Therefore, it is measured immediately after waking up, when you have not got out of bed and started to do nothing.The secret lies in the fact that basal temperature during ovulation increased by 0,25-0,5 ° C and, as a rule, is 37,1-37,3 ° C.If you regularly wake up during the month at the ready with a thermometer and the temperature accurately to schedule, this little jump can be seen.

How to measure the basal temperature and draw a graph?

carry out this simple procedure you need every day, at about the sam

e time, immediately after a full, long (at least 6 hours) sleep.Temperature is measured in the rectum, the data is written.About a day before ovulation indicators should go down, and once at the beginning - to rise.It was on the basis of this schedule is determined by the temperature and the exact date of ovulation.

How to use the data?

use this information in different ways: as a guideline when planning a pregnancy, or, on the contrary, as a way of preventing it.Besides thus possible to calculate the cycle in which the ovulation was not at all.However, not one of the options does not give an absolute guarantee.On basal temperature during ovulation can affect a number of factors: the quality of sleep, illness, stress, alcohol.

Schedule basal body temperature at ovulation can be considered a reliable source, you fully comply with the rules and conducts measurements for at least 3-4 months.

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