Home brew: Recipes, Secrets, Tricks

How to make a home kvass from bread


  • loaf of rye bread;

  • sugar - 1/2 st .;

  • dry yeast - 60 g;

  • fresh yeast - 60 g;

  • water - 6 l.

method for preparing

1. Cut the bread into small pieces and drain in the oven.

2. At the bottom of a large glass jars, place biscuits and sugar.Pour the boiling water.

3. When the water cools down and becomes slightly warm, dissolve the yeast in it.

4. Set aside capacity with homemade kvass.Within 2-3 days at room temperature it will ferment.

5. After this period, strain through cheesecloth and drink fine sieve.Kvass is ready.Pour it into bottles or jars, add a little sugar and store in a refrigerator.

Borodino brew


  • Borodino bread - 300 g;

  • yeast - 15 g;

  • flour - 1 ch. L .;

  • raisins - 50 g;

  • water - 3 liters.

method for preparing

1. Borodino dry bread in the oven.

2. Pour a small amount of boiling water crackers and let stand for 3 hours.

3. In the resulting mash, add the flour, yeast and remaini

ng water.Let stand leaven day, then strain it.

4. Pour home brew into bottles, each adding a few highlights.

5. Another 3-4 hours soak in the warmth of the drink, and then store it in the refrigerator.

6. After 3 days of Borodino kvass is ready for use.

Home brew - how to cook


Each family home brew has a different taste.This is due to the fact, in what proportions the ingredients come from, and how much drink is haunting, and with how much love and effort is put into operation.We want to share a little secret that will make kvass in accordance with the preferences of your household.

1. Frequently Asked Questions: "How to make home brew sharp?" And "How to make home brew carbonated?" In order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to strengthen the process of fermentation in the drink. To do this you need to put it a little more sugar and raisins than usual.

also become more fizzy kvass, if longer insist in the warmth.Usually 3 days is enough to use at home kvass mischievous bubbles tickled his nose. And on the strength of the fermentation process affects the room temperature: the higher it is, the faster the haunting brew.

2. And how to make home brew darker?The iron bowl melt sugar.He has to stand on the stove until it acquires a dark brown color.Not cooling the, pour the sugar syrup into the still hot brew and stir well. Do not try to drink darker due to overcooking crackers. Together with the color they give kvass unpleasant taste of burnt bread.

3. The home brew should be prepared in a pot, which does not react with the ingredients, that is not oxidized.Suit glass bottles and jars, pots made of stainless steel or enamel.

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