Greens for the winter: pickle or freeze?

With the onset of cold weather greens no longer disappear from the shelves of shops and markets, but the hostess did not know too lazy to make harvesting herbs for the winter.The fact that grown in the greenhouse summer foliage yields not only taste quality but also the content of vitamins.Therefore, the issue of preservation of summer greenery still relevant.We offer you 2 ways to green harvesting the winter: freezing and salting.Both methods allow you to save a maximum of nutrients.Which one to choose - decide.

Salting of greens in the winter

Before freeze herbs for the winter, thoroughly loop through it, leaving only the intact branches.

1. Wash greens well and dry for 20 minutes, laying on a towel.
2. Finely chop the herbs and put in a large bowl, plastic or enamel.
3. Prepare a large non-iodized salt at the rate of 100 g per 500 g of chopped greens.Mix the chopped herbs with salt.
4. Prepare the jars - they must be washed with soap and water, scalded with boili
ng water or sterilized in steam.
5. Place the salt mixed with herbs in a jar lightly tamping her tablespoon.Leave the jars open about half an hour.During this time, will settle a little green, and will need to fill jars to the brim again slightly trample their contents and close the plastic covers.

The separated brine will keep the greens in the winter, along with all of its vitamins.Keep salty greens in the refrigerator should be at zero temperature.

frost green in winter

think how to keep the greens in the winter without a fuss with salt and banks?We propose to use a simple method of freezing .It has long been proven that frozen vegetables retain all the vitamins and nutrients.

1. To start, prepare herbs for freezing: tear off the hard stems, leaving the shoots with leaves and soft stems

2. Soak the greens in a colander for a few minutes, drain the water, to shiftgreens in a colander and rinse thoroughly several times.Wait to glass all excess water.

3. Now it is important to dry the greens very well.Put it in a dry towel and soak a few hours, stirring occasionally for better drying hands.

Greens for the winter packages

4. Prepare a clean disposable bags - in them you will freeze greens for the winter. Stuff pack green at its discretion.

5. Now the most important thing: Remove all the air from the bag, creating a so-called vacuum.Only then can tie the package to the node.If moist air came out of the package is incomplete, it is likely to turn into ice that you absolutely do not need.

greens, frozen in this manner, can be used within a day.If you did everything correctly, it will be completely dry, friable and soft.In the finished dish, it did not differ from fresh.

is also a way to freeze greenery in winter ice forms .It should be finely chopped greens, lay it in the molds and cover with water.After freezing ice cubes can be stored in bags in a freezer.This method is quite useful, as the greens are not exactly crumble in your fridge and in addition, it is already divided into portions - you have only to throw 1-2 soup cubes or in a frying pan.

Bon appetit and good health!

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