Ovulation and pregnancy: when to conceive a child?

ovulation and pregnancy

Ovulation and pregnancy are closely related, because only when the mature egg from the follicle left, conception can occur, otherwise the sperm die or perish egg.Therefore, when planning a pregnancy (as well as in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy) should take into account the factor of ovulation.How exactly are connected pregnancy and ovulation?

Communication pregnancy and ovulation

Here is a sample plan of the probability of conception depending on the day of ovulation:

  • 6 days before ovulation - about 0%
  • 5 days before ovulation - 10%
  • 4 days beforeovulation - 14%
  • 3 days before ovulation - 16%
  • 2 days before ovulation - 27%
  • day before ovulation - 31%
  • the day of ovulation - 33%
  • 1 day after ovulation and then - about 0% /

This is because sperm live an average of 2-3 days, rarely their survivability up to 5 days (at low temperatures they live for 1-2 days longer).The egg is viable only for 12-14 hours.

How pregnancy occurs

When the egg is rele

ased from the ovary, it first enters the abdominal cavity.It then passes into the fallopian tube, and it starts to move toward the uterus.At this point, the sexual act, and a lot of sperm to penetrate the vagina into the uterus and fallopian tubes go through in search of the egg.When the sperm meets the egg, they begin her "attackĀ» - trying to get inside her.

Finally, one of them succeeds.It penetrates the egg loses its tail, and the nucleus moves to the nucleus of the egg in order to put together their chromosome sets.After this, the egg can be called an egg: the egg is moving into the uterus and attaches to the endometrium in the uterus, where begins to draw nutrients for their growth and division.

If there was ovulation and pregnancy not occurred, the deceased and the egg and sperm nevyzhivshie, and is not suitable for the gestation endometrium out of the body of a woman with short menstruation.

How to identify ovulation

When planning pregnancy it is important to "catch" the ovulation, so you need to be able to recognize it.Some women just divide in half the cycle and a "window of conception" believe 6 days in the middle.However, ovulation can be seen and many signs:

  • changes in basal body temperature (temperature jump);
  • change the color and character of discharge;
  • swelling and pain in the breast;
  • strong sexual desire;
  • sharp mood swings, severe famine, change in taste, flatulence, insomnia;
  • pain and cramping in the lower abdomen (where the egg came from the ovary).

In addition to these signs of ovulation, there are other ways of determining ovulation: ovulation special tests, pelvic examination, ultrasound examination of the ovaries.

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