We plan to heroes: how to conceive a boy of ovulation

Mindful of the fact that the kings of Russian differed terrible temper and had a bad habit to cut straight from the shoulder (which later proved to be true in the story), it is necessary to believe that a third girl, giving promise to give birth to the emperor's son, had some knowledge on how to plan your floorchild.However, it did not save her from the meanness and treachery envious sisters, but that's another story.

How to conceive a boy ovulation

Alexander did not describe the technology, which took the royal couple to conceive a son, so we can only assume what methods could use the young.Rather, they could conceive a boy of ovulation.

of ovulation to conceive a boy - you need to do

As we all know, on the sex of the child affects one single chromosome, which is present in sperm.The egg contains 23 chromosomes and sperm contains 23 chromosomes, and only one set of chromosomes of the sperm determines the sex of a baby.X chromosome - a girl wait, Y-chromosome - the boy.

calendar method of p

lanning sex of the child is based on the fact that the Y-sperm more mobile and active, but, moreover, less hardy than the X chromosome.That is, they run quickly and just as quickly die.

Thus, it can be assumed that if sexual intercourse takes place a day or two before ovulation, all the sperm containing the Y-chromosome, will have time to an inglorious death.And instead of a hero born red-girl, thus brought under the monastery queen.To born athlete, sexual intercourse must occur on the day of ovulation or 8-15 hours before.

date of ovulation

to conceive a boy ovulation , queen certainly had to know exactly the date of ovulation.Since ovulation test did not exist, and the US, too, it can be assumed that the queen or for several months measured the basal temperature (to be honest, is unlikely), or in his parlor kept a calendar that marked the start date and the end of the monthas well as their subjective feelings: changing nature of vaginal discharge , symptoms of pain in the abdomen at the time of ovulation, increasing the passion in relation to the priest-king, swelling and pain in the breast, incomprehensible mood swings.

Vaginal discharge before ovulation begin to change - becoming more viscous, thick, and at the time of ovulation can change color.Lower abdominal pain associated with the release of an egg from the follicle and points directly - on the right came the egg!Or left.Breast tenderness and pain can commence several days before the ovulation, as well as mood swings - this is due to hormonal changes associated ovulation.Well, increasing libido itself says that young healthy female body ready for pregnancy and wants to conceive a child.

Thus, wise girl was able to calculate everything and ovulation to conceive a boy, not deceiving promises of the Tsar.

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