Pickled apples: Old Russian cuisine

Prepare pickled apples prescription of our grandmothers is a snap.Method urinating more than any other method of preservation, not only to preserve but also to increase the beneficial properties of fruit.Therefore, we can safely say that the pickled apples more useful than fresh.

pickled apples: a prescription from time immemorial

Prepare the fruit and container

To prepare pickled apples in our recipe, Collect strong fruit without any damage, dark spotsand wormholes.Ideal for urinating sort of apples "Antonovka", but good will and other solid and juicy varieties.Also prepare freshly picked leaves of black currant, cherry and mint sprigs - them you lay layers pickled apples.

For pickled apples need to prepare any enamel or glass container.Tara must first be washed with soap and water and wipe dry.

Laying apples

bottom prepared for packaging pickled apples lay a thin layer of black currant leaves.They put 2 layers of apple, then - a layer of cherry leaves.On cherry leav

es Lay a few sprigs of mint.Then - again 2 layers of apples.The final layer can be a currant and cherry leaves (can be assorted) with a few sprigs of mint.It is important not to overdo it with the amount of spice and mint leaves, or too quickly sour apples.

on stacked layers of apples with spices put a wooden club-Donets and put the goods on him.


Now you have to fill in brine, pickled apples.Recipe fill the following:

  • water - 10 liters;
  • salt - 150 g;
  • honey or sugar - 250-300 g;
  • rye flour - 150 g (or 100 g malt).

To prepare the brine to dissolve all of the above components in lukewarm water.

Ready brine cooled, stir and pour into a container of apples.Cargo before filling should not be removed.

fermentation and aging apples

During the whole time urinating sure that that circle was completely immersed in the brine.

capacity with apples should be placed in a room with a temperature of 15-18 ° C for fermentation.The fermentation process takes about a week.Then the apples should be moved to a cooler place for aging.Try pickled apples could be a month and a half.

And if you still have excess apples, some of them can make a delicious moment applesauce for the winter - retseptiki we have prepared for you.And do not be sad that summer is over, it will return again :)

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