Cooking starter for kvass at home

recipe ferment yeast


  • crumbs of rye bread - 400 g;

  • yeast - 60 g;

  • flour - 2 tbsp.L .;

  • sugar - 1 tbsp.l.

  • hot water - 150 ml.

method for preparing

1. Combine crumbs, flour, yeast and sugar in a glass jar and fill with warm water.

2. Wrap up with a towel and leave for 30-40 minutes.

3. This concentrated leaven for kvass, made at home, use the beverage by adding a little sugar, biscuits, yeast and raisins. leavened base necessarily stored in the refrigerator. Otherwise it will ferment quickly and moldy.

recipe ferment without yeast


  • rye bread - 100 g;

  • warm boiled water - 2 tbsp .;

  • sugar - 1 ch. L.

method for preparing

1. To make a starter for kvass without the use of yeast, a glass of lukewarm water, pour in half-liter glass jar.Put it in 1 hour. L.sugar and crushed a piece of rye bread.

2. Wrap the jar with a towel and leave it to sour on 2 days in a warm place. Please note that the non-yeasted sourdough preparing longer

than yeast.

Recipe kvass from the dry ferment


  • dry kvass - 250 g;

  • yeast - 30 g;

  • sugar - 200-300 g;

  • raisins - 40 g;

  • water - 5 liters.

method for preparing

1. By purchasing the store, dry leaven for kvass, read its composition.Usually it is made from malt, bread crumbs, sugar and yeast.It is better if in its structure there are no preservatives.

2. Boil the water.

3. The dry leaven pour 2 liters of water.Close the lid, wrap a towel and leave for 3 hours.

4. Strain the starter for kvass.

5. Fill it with the remaining 5 liters of water.

6. If you want to learn how to make kvass from kvass dry, do not forget about yeast.Spread them in a glass of warm water and pour in the drink.

7. Add the sugar and raisins.

8. Cover the container with cheesecloth and leave to ferment starter for kvass at home for 3 days.

9. Strain the drink.He is ready for use.

10. Cultures again fill with water, adding a spoon of dry kvass, sugar, yeast and raisins.A couple of days will approach the new portion of the drink.

Note that the first portion of kvass is not as tasty as the others. It gives more yeast and has such a bright taste of leavened bread.Drink on the old leaven for carbonated kvass quickly.

to your liking, you can change the amount of ingredients, increase or decrease.Thus brew can be made sharper or, conversely, a soft, sweet or sour.

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