Secrets of the female body: ovulation

Ovulation (translated from the Latin word meaning "egg") - a release from the ovary into the abdominal cavity of one or more eggs.
From birth, a woman in her ovaries contain approximately one million eggs, and every month one or more of them mature, finding the willingness to fertilize.This process is a prerequisite for conception.If ovulation does not occur (as is sometimes the case with all women), so there is no mature egg and this month is no possibility of fertilization.Period ovulation - the best time in the menstrual cycle for conceiving a child.
usually need to determine when ovulation appears when planning a pregnancy.Also, the presence or absence of ovulation can be used in the diagnosis of gynecological diseases and restoring ovulation the passage of a course of treatment may be an indicator of its effectiveness.

As ovulation occurs

process lasts ovulation a few minutes and involves, in fact, only the release egg from the ovary .This can be thought of as occurring
in the ovary a small explosion, after which there "floats" mature egg.When it is not possible to predict, from the left or the right ovary, it will be released at this time - there is absolutely no systematic.
Then, during the luteal phase (phase postovulatory) egg begins to advance in the fallopian tube toward the uterus.In the event that during the movement of the egg meets the sperm and fertilization takes place on 3-4 day after the embryo reaches the uterus and takes the next step - implantation.If fertilization does not happen within 24 hours of the egg in the fallopian tube dies.

When ovulation occurs

On average, if we take as a basis for a 28-day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs on the fourteenth day of it.But these averages are very exemplary and deviation from them is often observed that, in general, as is the norm.Even in healthy women ovulation occurs each time an individual scenario.Calculating the day of ovulation only for the duration of the cycle - not a very reliable method.
Ovulation usually accompanied by certain signs , by which it can be determined.There are several methods by which calculate the time of the ovulation , and almost all of them are available to women in the home.

With varying degrees of "hitting" woman, dreaming to become pregnant, the following methods for determining ovulation: measurement of basal body temperature, the calculation of the calendar, study cervical mucus method of crystallization of saliva, ultrasound monitoring (the most accurate way).Recently, the pharmacies began to appear special rapid tests , help at home to calculate the onset of ovulation .

Sometimes, the woman became pregnant, necessary to stimulate ovulation artificially.
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