How to extend ovulation and increase the chances of conceiving

woman's body is complex and unique.It releases hormones that control certain processes.One of these processes - ovulation.Can it be extended?And if so, how?

possible to extend ovulation

So, before you find out, how to extend ovulation , is to grasp the essence of the process and understand whether we can somehow influence on him.Every month a woman's ovaries mature follicles, which are located inside the egg.As you know, the egg - this is the main and important women's cell, and through which new life is born.When the egg matures, it moves along the fallopian tubes into the uterus to meet male cell - sperm.This phenomenon is called ovulation.

Ovulation occurs under the influence of hormones.The egg is mature for 24-36 hours, after which it begins to deteriorate gradually, and then exits as menstrual blood.And this means that during this time should happen fertilization.

But how to extend ovulation ?In fact, this has a direct impact on the impossible, because it all depends on

the characteristics of the female organism and the nature that created us as we are.But it is possible to provide an environment in which female cells during the stage of maturity are more likely to accept sperm.Perhaps she even live longer.

How to extend ovulation: a number of ways to influence the lifespan of the egg

so as to create the conditions in which, perhaps, the egg will be longer mature and ready for fertilization?

1. Watch your weight.The fact that the excess body fat leads to female hormonal disorders.The activity of some hormones decreases, others are beginning to be produced in large amounts.And this is not the best way affects ovulation.

2. Give up bad habits.It's no secret that smoking and alcohol are not the best way affect the hormones a woman and her reproductive system.

3. How to extend ovulation using food?Eat right and balanced.Food should be beneficial and rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and acids.Especially women need protein, zinc, vitamin C and iron.But other nutrients are not as important.So eat meat, fish, legumes, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.But from the fat and sweet is better to give, all of which can affect the hormones are not the best way.

4. Have sex!Yes, regular sex life normalizes the level of female hormones and ovulation makes regular and longer.So have fun and enjoy the health.

5. Do not be nervous.Stress adversely affect the entire body, including in the egg and ovulation.

6. Monitor your health.Even the most seemingly harmless disease (common cold), can disrupt hormones.

7. Control your hormones.If you want to know, how to extend ovulation , you should regularly visit the gynecologist and to hand over analyzes on hormones, that, if necessary with the help of certain drugs to correct the situation.But do not self-medicate!Hormone therapy should appoint a doctor!

In conclusion, we can only add that ovulation - is a complex process, a subservient nature of women and hormones.But you can try to make the egg a little longer lived and was active.

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