Ovulation Test: types and characteristics tests

Science does not stand still.Today, you can find out whether the pregnancy occurred, and even determine the level of sugar in the blood right at home.And find out when conception may occur, will Ovulation Test .

How is ovulation?

woman's body is very complex and is subservient to the activity of certain hormones.Thus, every month ovarian mature follicles which contain the oocyte.At certain times, this is the egg moves into the uterus to fertilize.This moment is considered to be the most optimal for conception.And it is in this important moment is a strong release of luteinizing hormone ( LH ).And that increase in the amount of this hormone in the body catches Ovulation Test (it contains certain sensitive reagent).

What could be the ovulation test?

Before the case, it is useful to examine the different types of these tests.

1. The test strip.This is the easiest kind.It is a strip treated with a reagent for determining ovulation which must be placed in the container with the urine.And

after some time in the control zone will be 1 or 2 strips.But the results are often inaccurate.

2. Jet test.It needs to be put under a stream of urine, to see the result.

3. The test cassette (test plate).It is a tablet with a screen.In a certain area should get a drop or a stream of urine, and then after some time it will be possible to know the result of

4. Electronic Ovulation Test .This device, which determines the amount of hormone LH in the saliva of the women (yes, he too found it).

5. Reusable test - a compact device with a set of test strips.After the test strip is placed in this same device that a few minutes will determine whether ovulation has occurred.

How do ovulation test?

to the test results were accurate, it is important to properly and timely perform the procedure.But how?

  • need to start doing tests 17 days before the first day of menstruation.So consider almost all doctors.To understand, at approximately what day ovulation occurs , you must subtract the number of days of the menstrual cycle 17 and then the resulting figure to count from the end of your menstrual period (for example, the cycle time of 25 days to do the tests needed since 8 days after the end of the month) .
  • tests are done every day, at one and the same time.And for the most accurate result is better to perform the procedure twice a day, morning and evening.
  • most favorable time for the test - it prmerno from 10 am to 20:00.
  • Before the procedure, you should try to drink at least 2 hours.
  • Do not use the test for the first morning urine.
  • Before the procedure is better to refrain from urinating (at least 2-3 hours).

If the test was positive, it means that ovulation occurs in about 24-36 hours.So we can safely proceed to the case (ie, fertility).

Can Ovulation Test to cheat?

There are cases in which the test results are not reliable.

1. Specific features of a woman.So, in the body of some girls almost always there is an increased (or, conversely, decrease) the amount of the hormone LH .So the tests here are powerless.

2. Admission of drugs containing the hormone LH .

3. Different time of the procedure.

4. substandard test.

5. The low sensitivity of the test.

6. If you drink a lot of fluid, the content LH decrease in urine.

7. Hormonal disorders.

8. Some diseases.

wish you to a positive ovulation test to help you get pregnant and become a mother soon!

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