5 Signs of Ovulation

Ovulation - a way out egg from the ovary.The follicle where the egg is maturing, bursts and the egg begins its journey through the fallopian tubes into the uterus.This occurs about 13-15 day cycle, although certain shifts of 4-5 days in one direction or another (there are cases when at long menstruation ovulation occurs on the last or the penultimate day of menstruation).

This event occurs almost imperceptibly, but there are certain signs of ovulation , to help you understand that ovulation has occurred and the egg is the beginning of their journey to meet his hero (ie one of the millions of sperm that can fertilize it).It is believed that ovulation can be determine the sex of the unborn child.

Signs of Ovulation

1. Allocation.Cervical fluid, or simply release may tell you that ovulation is approaching, or has come.Signs of Ovulation is to change the highlight color (darker), their consistency (may become more dense) and abundant (before ovulation discharge usually more abundant, and after it

can and does abyss).However, many other factors can also cause changes in the structure secretions - it could be an infection or inflammation of the ovaries and vagina, taking certain medications, goiter and others.

2. Increase libido.Well, here it is with what can not be confused - the body spurs us to conceive when it is physically feasible.There are egg - you need to fertilize it, so the interest in the opposite sex increases dramatically just during ovulation.

3. Changes in basal body temperature.A couple of days before ovulation, it rises to several tens of degrees and stays at this level a couple of days after ovulation.To measure basal temperature should be in the morning, immediately after waking up.

4. Swelling or breast tenderness.This sign of ovulation as well as increased libido, is associated with the body's desire to become pregnant.The egg has just come out from the ovary and breasts are getting ready to feed the baby.The reasons are hormonal.There is also a side effect of hormonal changes - can appear symptoms of flatulence (increased formation of gas in the intestines).The same (hormonal) factors are explained and such indirect signs of ovulation, like mood swings, tears or laugh without reason, change in taste - in general, changes that put women in a dead end (especially in combination with Signs of Ovulation andnumber 2).

5. pain or cramping in the lower abdomen.Rupture of the follicle - is, though small, but the trauma and it can cause pain.Typically, this sign ovulation occurs on only one side - where the ruptured follicle.But do not forget that the abdominal pain may be caused by other, less happy reasons.

certainly true sign of ovulation will test positive for ovulation.It must take place every morning, immediately after waking up.Gynecologist and notice changes in the cervix - it will become softer, swells;and using a microscope can be surprised to find that changed the crystallization of saliva - the so-called "effect of the fern."With 100 percent certainty can identify ovulation and ultrasonic method.

Overall signs of ovulation is not very evident, and reveal them only when using special tools.

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