Ovulation and conception: how likely to conceive

connection between ovulation and conception

What is ovulation?This oocyte maturation in the follicle.Mature egg leaves the follicle and begins to move towards sperm.In the fallopian tube, it meets the sperm that fertilizes it, and then enters the uterus is attached to the endometrium of the uterus and begins to divide, divide, divide.After 9 months in the light of your baby is born (and in some cases - and even more than one).

"& gt; If conception has not occurred, then the unwanted endometrium in the uterus peels off and out of the woman's body, along with the lost egg during the next month. After that, everything is repeated again until until a conception. Soway communication ovulation and conception obvious: no ovulation - conception does not happen.

Why can not happen Conception

1. Do not ovulation has occurred. This happens sometimes ovulation does not happen. Ifit happened one time, but this is nothing to worry about. If there is no ovulation for several cycles - this is a

serious reason to see a doctor.

2. The egg did not meet with the sperm. They could just miss each other, but could nottime to meet. The egg lives only 12-24 hours, the sperm - 2-3 days.Imagine how exactly to coincide appearance of the egg and sperm from meeting her to conceive happened?For example, in the morning you ovulation has occurred.This means that the night (when the beloved husband returns from work and you begin the process of conception ) ovulation may have already finished!

How to plan conception

order to plan the conception of the child, you first need to calculate the date of ovulation.This can be done via the calendar method, based on their personal subjective feelings with the help of temperature method, ovulation tests or ultrasound.Most likely of conception on the day of ovulation .A day after the egg dies, until the next ovulation and you can not conceive.

Given the lifespan of sperm, it can be assumed that the most favorable moment for conception is the period beginning 2 days before ovulation and ending on the day of ovulation itself.Accordingly, sexual intercourse in order to conceive a child, you need to plan on the day before ovulation - within days sperm just doplyvut to the fallopian tube where it is already in progress towards the egg.

How to prepare a man to conceive

Many couples trying to conceive a child, make one mistake - 2-3 days before ovulation, they start practicing frequent sexual contacts to the probability of conception was higher.But we should not forget that for the maturation of sperm need time.Too generous spending sperm will lead to the fact that it just will not be the required number of ready-made sperm to fertilize an egg.Therefore, it is reasonable to before having sex for conception, keep some self-control.

Besides abstinence, preparation includes male fertility and good food.After underfed male sperm and give you sluggish and slow, and eat healthy food - moving vigorous sperm.But alcohol is not the man to take necessary - it is, on the contrary, makes the sperm weak and slow.

Conclusion: for a man unable to conceive a child, it need 1-2 weeks to put on "diet": abstinence and healthy eating.

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