Red currant jelly: tasty dessert

Those times when everyone ate jam, are long gone.If you freeze the entire harvest of berries and fruit drinks cold brew, have to buy a second fridge.If you simply put the berries in the refrigerator, they are sour.Red currant jelly in such a situation - it is certainly the ideal solution.

red currant jelly: Ingredients

We can do without an industrial scale, so that recipe red currant jelly is designed for 4-5 servings.Good enough to eat.

We need:
  • 500 g red currants,
  • 1/2 Art.sugar,
  • 1/2 konfityurki bag.
Konfityurku can replace pectin, gelatin or agar-agar, but from experience I can say that it is more convenient to work with it.

Red currant gelled well, so even if you are not at hand will be a single package of pectin, you get a delicious little gelled jam.

Part currants if desired, you can replace raspberries.


Making red currant jelly will not take much of your time, you would be enough and 15 minutes.

1. Wash currants.Stems can not clean up.
2. ordinary blender or mash berries tolkushkoy into mush.
3. To get rid of the skins and stems, wipe red currants through a sieve.Do not rush to dispose of pulp, we still need it.
4. Pressed to reset the sieve into the water, bring to a boil and keep on low heat for about 5 minutes.
5. Pass the broth through a sieve.
6. Pour in the broth currant weight and konfityurku.Stir, bring to a boil a lot.
7. In currant mass Stir in sugar (the amount can be increased if desired).Simmer another 5 minutes.
8. Ladle the jam-jelly in form or prepared sterilized jars.
9. Refrigerate jelly.Done!

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Red currant jelly with raspberries and cream

How to apply red currant jelly: little secrets

Jelly redcurrants can be garnished with berries, served as a separate dish. Jelly well combined to taste with ice cream - what you need in the heat.

Small portions of red currant jelly pleasant variety sour sweet pastries. If you make a cake with sour cream, cottage cheese or cream cheese such as "Philadelphia," cover it with a layer of warmed jelly - after cooling down you will have a cake with a smooth translucent surface.

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jam, red currant jelly well serve as asauce to the meat. idea berry sauce came from the Nordic countries and is only beginning to take root in Russia, but that meat with sweet and sour sauce does not become less tasty.
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