How to calculate ovulation: 4 ways

How to calculate ovulation using the calendar

To begin please be patient.For cycles 3-4 marks the beginning of the cycle and the end.Then calculate the average duration of the cycle.Ovulation generally falls exactly mid-cycle, i.e. in a cycle of 28 days ovulation occurs on day 14 (± 2 days).

Can be a bit more specific process and recorded in the calendar the following information:

  • color, viscosity, profuse discharge from the vagina;
  • symptoms of pain in the abdomen;
  • abrupt change of mood, taste preferences, irritability;
  • swelling and increased sensitivity of the mammary glands, their pain;
  • enhancement of sexual desire.

These symptoms are also talking about ovulation. Allocation before ovulation becomes more viscous, a yellowish color.During ovulation may experience cramping or pain in the abdomen - where came the egg.This is due to the fact that the release of an egg - a minor trauma, which can cause pain.

During ovulation, hormonal changes: the body i

n any case preparing for pregnancy.Therefore, it can change the mood (or watch it jumps), the breasts may increase in size and begin to hurt.In order to get pregnant, your body increases your sexual desire.

How to calculate ovulation with a thermometer

For this method you need a calendar and thermometer.It consists in the daily, for 3-4 cycles, measuring the basal (ie, rectal) temperature.The thermometer record.

Just before ovulation, as a rule, the temperature drops sharply (by about 0,5 ° C), and at the time of the ovulation - is increased (can be up to 37 ° C and even higher).When ovulation takes place, the temperature returns to normal.

How to calculate ovulation by tests

There are special ovulation tests that can help determine ovulation has occurred or not.Every morning, you need to immerse the test strip ovulation in the morning portion of urine.Like a pregnancy test, the situation is very simple: 1 bar - no ovulation, 2 strips - ovulation.The test responds to the hormone concentrations in women significantly increases just before ovulation.

How to calculate ovulation by ultrasound

This process is complicated by the fact that they do not vospolzueshsya home, but it gives an accurate result.To it resort usually when other methods have been tried.For several cycles determine your schedule (as in the 1st method) to have some idea of ​​when ovulation may occur.

2-3 days before the expected date of ovulation go ultrasound at the doctor-gynecologist.It will determine the stage of development of the follicle.Then go 10-12 day cycle control again.The doctor will see whether the egg is matured and she came out of the follicle.You may need another ultrasound to check whether to start the movement toward the egg sperm.

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