I want a girl: define the day of ovulation, conception

If you are in that no matter what you wish to become a mother-daughter paws, you probably are looking for any ways to realize his dream.There are many ways to plan the sex of the baby: special meals, certain sex positions, the calculation of the last update of blood and so on.But there is one method that has scientific evidence - this calculation is the day of ovulation.A how to conceive a girl ovulation ?Is it even possible to do this?

Is it possible to conceive a girl ovulation ?

Let's find out whether it is possible to guess the sex of a child, if you know some periods of the menstrual cycle.Is it possible to conceive a girl ovulation , or is it just fiction?To begin explain what is ovulating.This is the moment when the egg matures and is ready to meet with the sperm.That is, during this period the possibility of fertilization and conception.

now will tell a little about the male cells - sperm.They are known to play an important role in the birth of a new life, including determining

the sex of a child.This means that some sperm carry the X chromosome (female), while others are Y -hromosomu (male).And in addition to gender, these two cells are still some differences. sperm with the X chromosome moves slowly but has a rather long life. Sperm with Y -hromosomoy much faster, but not so hardy.

So what gives?How does this help of ovulation to conceive a girl ?But here's the thing.The egg is in a stage of maturity and readiness for fertilization only 24-36 hours.And this means that if, for example, the couple had sex during ovulation, the sperm from the male chromosome quickly get to the egg will remain alive and nourish it, whereas the cells with the X chromosome are still on the way.But if you attempt to conceive is not the time of ovulation, as before, it is likely that all the male cells die until cooked egg, but women will survive and come to an end. This was confirmed by scientists.But nature - a capricious lady, so that all may not go according to plan, as there are many other factors.

How to become a mother a daughter, knowing the date of ovulation?

So how still ovulation to conceive a girl ?Everything seems to be simple: if you want a daughter, then make love for 2-3 days prior to ovulation.But to determine this date is not so easy.Here are some ways to do it.

1. If the menstrual cycle is regular, the date can be quickly calculated.For example, in cycle, the duration of which is 28 days, ovulation should wait about 13-15 days from the first day of menstruation.If the cycle lasts 30 days, is expected ovulation by 15-17 day.But to rely on this method as the only accurate and reliable is not necessary, since all individually.

2. The second method - measurement of basal body temperature.Measurements are made either directly to the vagina or the anus.Carry out the procedure you need every day, in the morning, not getting up.If you build a graph, you will see that in a certain period there is an increase in temperature.This occurs before the maturation of the egg, ie before ovulation.

3. The third way - Ovulation Test .To begin to do such tests should be in about 17-18 days before the first day of the coming of menstruation.It is best to carry out the procedure every day, morning and evening, and before her 2-3 hours to drink, and to refrain from urinating.

4. You can do an ultrasound.

If you know when ovulation occurs, then 3 days before the start date of this act, that is have sex.And perhaps, after 9 months, you realize a dream and become a mom still baby.

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