Tomatoes on the window: the indoor garden

To indoor tomato plants long to please you with delicious, helpful and, most importantly, environmentally friendly fruits, plants need to create the right conditions for successful growth and fruiting.It is important to take into account many aspects - the choice of soil and seeds to garters and additional lighting in winter.So, we shall understand all the intricacies of how to grow tomatoes in the window.

Selecting seed

Not all tomato varieties suited for indoor cultivation.Experts recommend for growing on the windowsill and the balconies maturing varieties with small or medium-sized fruit.Large tomatoes ripen longer and require more space. important to choose varieties of tomatoes was self-pollinating hybrid and gave stunted bushes. ideal for growing potted tomato varieties "Balcony miracle", "Minibel" and "Sweet bunch."

Preparing the soil and containers

Before you grow tomatoes in the window, take care of the soil in which to grow tomato bushes.

for landing tomatoes cook the soil, mixing w

ith vermicompost coconut fiber in the ratio 1: 2. For the cultivation of indoor tomatoes fit the usual pots for houseplants volume of 3-4 liters.

Experts recommend planting tomatoes in 2 stages: first germinate the seeds in small containers (plastic cups) and then transplant the seedlings in the strongest constant large pot.This procedure is called sparring.

Preparing seeds for planting

Before transplanting conduct a preliminary antibacterial treatment and seed sample quality.To do this, omit the seeds for 2-3 hours in a warm solution of manganese medium strength.After a specified time, assess the state of seeds and planting selected for those that have fallen to the bottom. supernatants seeds often have a very low germination rate.Chosen from manganese dry seed yield, laying them on a cotton cloth.

Growing seedlings

home garden provides us with limited space, so it is especially important to select landing strong and beautiful tomato bushes.We will talk about how to grow tomatoes in the window of the pre-germinated seedlings.

prepared for planting the seeds are planted in plastic cups 100 ml.Tanks filled with seedling soil mixture is not completely, leaving 2 cm to the edge.

Each cup was placed 4-5 seeds, sprinkle a layer of earth 1-1.5 cm, then watered.The first shoots appear in 1.5-2 weeks.Watering seedlings better by spraying.Until the seedlings appear, keep the seedlings in the package.

Among germinated seedlings selected two most powerful, the others pull .After a week spend one more thinning, leaving each cup one by one, the most beautiful and stronger seedlings.

transplanting and topping

tomato seedlings should be transplanted into larger pots permanent.Making it possible for 3-4 weeks after emergence.

for transplanting seedlings gently inverted cup, holding a young plant with two fingers of the hand.Second hand tightening the plastic cup up.In his hand is a clod of earth, taking the form of the cup.

earthen clod with a seedling is inserted into a prepared a large pot and fill up the required amount of ground to the cotyledon leaves.Transplanted seedlings watered.

to tomatoes not pulled up, and were similar to the bush after the appearance of a few leaves of these plants pinch out the tip - remove the upper escape. After topping the bush will give active side shoots.

Tomatoes on the window - topping

How to grow tomatoes in the window

paramount importance in the care of potted tomato is watering.The intensity of watering depends on the time of year and stage of plant development.

During the first month, it is important not waterlogged seedlings to avoid such undesirable consequences of abundant watering as black leg. Watering young seedlings should be moderate, but regular. also require moderate watering tomato plants in the winter, when the plants are not exposed to the heat and sun.

need to increase the intensity of irrigation since the beginning of March, and the summer is particularly important to prevent the drying out of the soil.Summer watering should be daily, it should complement the regular evening spraying tomato plants.

Grown tomato bush must tie up to a stable backup. tomatoes growing near the window a little bit every day should be rotated around the axis of curvature of the bushes to avoid stretching the light source.In winter, the tomatoes need to provide additional fluorescent lighting.

Tomatoes on the window in pots

for successful pollination of flowering bush tomato day gently shaken.

without feeding fruiting under home detention tomato plants deplete the soil quickly.Recommended every 2-3 weeks, fertilize tomatoes drugs "Agrolayf" and "growth" according to the manual.

first harvest can be expected in 3-4 months after germination of seedlings. tomato bushes may bear fruit for several years, if the growth of transplanted to a more voluminous pots (it can be done with plants without flowers and fruits), dosypaya fertile soil.

Besides tomatoes can be grown on a windowsill greens for salads or herbs for tea or spices.

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