Lazy red currant jelly without cooking

As you know, vitamins are destroyed during cooking.Pokipyatit jam for 5 minutes longer - and it is not useful chips.Red currant jelly without cooking allows you to save a maximum of nutrients.

prepared red currant jelly without cooking really fast.

red currant jelly without cooking: the recipe

1. Smorodin rinse, remove the branches.Filming currant conveniently ordinary fork.
2. Clean grind and grind the berries through a colander to remove the stones.In currants are quite large and very tasty. not recommended for use metal containers or metal blender blades - this will worsen the taste of the finished jelly.
3. In the resulting mass add equal amount of sugar.Periodically stir until sugar is completely dissolved. To accelerate the gelation, the mass is stirred strongly in one direction.
4. Jelly pour into small banks.Close can be conventional plastic caps or parchment, and a rubber band.

Unlike boiled red currant jelly , raw jelly store only in a cool place - refrigerator or basem
Tip: red currant jelly without cooking hardens faster if you add in the currant-sugar mixture dissolved in a small amount of hot water konfityurku.

Red currant jelly without cooking: lazy recipe

As there are red currant jelly without cooking

Jelly sour traditionally goes well with sweet - pancakes, ice cream, sandwiches from baking.Jelly can be used as one of the layers of sponge cake or make marmalade out of it.

to currant jelly mixture of half-boiled on low heat, add the whispers of citric acid.Then poured into molds, (such as molds for ice), allowed to cool and crumble in sugar.Uses a little, but tasty marmalade and sugary.

If you make jelly with konfityurkoy, but without sugar, it can be served as a thick sour sauce type tkemali to the game. You can, however, combine with meat and jelly sweet (think Swedish meatballs with berry jam IKEA).

Jelly difficult, but you can use a blender to dissolve in water or mineral water - get something like a compote.But tastier, of course, traditional currant compote harvested in banks.
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