How to use ovulation test: detailed instructions

ovulation test to determine the date of this important phenomenon for a woman. How to use ovulation test , to get an accurate result?

How it works

If you do not have to use Ovulation Test (and even if he had to), then you've probably thought about how a band may determine that such an important process started?And the thing is, that the test applied a special reagent that detects changes in the amount of luteinizing hormone, which occurs due to ovulation: the egg ripens and leaves the ruptured follicle, and then moves through the tube into the uterus, and there awaits fertilization.

When doing tests

When starting to use ovulation test ?Is there a certain period?Yes, scientists believe that ovulation occurs about 13-16 day of the cycle, or for 17-19 days before the first day of the next cycle.However, each individual woman, moreover, the cycle may be irregular, and ovulation - early, or alternatively later.So it is better to start in advance, so as not to miss this event.

How to use ovulation test: the rules and notes

First of all it is worth noting that the tests may be different, which means that there will be different ways to use them (not essential).Test strips have to be placed in a container with freshly urine.If the test jet, it will be sufficient to substitute a urine stream.The test cassette analyze the composition of urine, if it intended to put a drop of the surface of the device from the pipette.Electronic test can analyze the saliva (it also contains a hormone).A reusable test results show that when placed in a portable device test strip (need to use it just as a disposable test).So the first thing read the instructions and act in accordance with the instructions given in it.

But there are some rules that must be followed if you are going to use ovulation test for almost any type.

1. Do you need to test at the same time, 2 times a day (morning and evening).

2. The best time for this procedure - is the gap between 10 am and 8 pm, that's when the hormone is active.

3. During the procedure, you should not take any hormones, otherwise the results will be incorrect.

4. Do not drink 2-3 hours before the moment when you do the test.

5. 2-3 hours before the procedure, refrain from going to the toilet.

6. First morning urine should be avoided.

7. Before the procedure, inspect the package.


So few know how to use Ovulation Test , it is important to evaluate the result.And there are several options.

1. Positive.This can usually be determined by the two bright strips, but always clear and vivid, almost equal intensity.But in this case better to repeat the procedure after a few hours.

2. A negative result.One stripe.This means that ovulation has occurred or not yet, or have already passed (or is it in this cycle will not be at all).

3. False positives.Even if you see two bright stripes, it could be due to hormonal changes that may occur in your body (for example, due to illness).

4. If no stripes at all, they have different colors, or control paler than the test, it is likely, Ovulation Test poor quality.

Good luck and positive results!

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