Mangoes from the bone: how to plant and grow

1. Before grow mango seeds, you must choose the right this very bone.If the food suitable and not too ripe fruit, then for the experiments with the cultivation must be selected very ripe, but not overripe mango.

should be planted in the ground only fresh bone removed from the pulp of the fruit is not earlier than 2 days, and has not had time to dry.Before you plant a mango pit in the ground, clean it with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and a sharp knife gently pick the skin.

2. Prepare a thick-walled ceramic pot. have mango is very powerful, quickly developing root system that easily breaks through the bottom of a thin plastic container.This will lead to the fact that the root will actively grow and flourish, and the germ will become weak and thin.

3. And of course, how to grow mango seeds, without bothering about the quality of the soil?First of all, place the bottom expanded clay pot. The soil should be loose, well lets air and moisture.Well if it's a mixture of turf and ground

sheet in the ratio 2: 1.

4. Now let's turn to how to plant a mango pit. Immerse it in the soil narrow end down so that 1/4 of the seed remained outside.You can also put a bone with a slight slope.If you are confused and stuck its top down, this will provide an opportunity to break the germ out and perish.

5. attend to the question of how to grow mango pits, not forget that it is heat-loving plant, and development it needs special conditions.Put a pot of seed to the most brightly lit windowsill.The room temperature should not be below 22 ° C.

How to plant a mango pit - step by step guide

Mangoes from the bones - how to plant and grow

6. In cold weather, try to provide additional wood heating and artificial light source.Young plant requires frequent and copious watering.Greens need to irrigate with water from a spray bottle.Adult plants watered less frequently, being careful that the land does not dry and has not been swamped.

In the first year the mango is necessary every 15-20 days to feed organic fertilizers. later go on feeding 1 once a season.In the autumn the amount of fertilizer can be reduced or completely eliminated.

7. sprout emerges from the bones about a month after planting.It must be protected from drafts.

8. As the tree should be repotted in a volume pot.But this is done only once a year.

9. If desired, you can generate your own crown plants prischipyvaya its top or side shoots.

10. If the bone will begin to sprout and grow well, there is a possibility that in 5-6 years, your tree will begin to bear fruit.Although domestic mango and do not differ rich aroma and taste, the fact of their appearance will be for the owner of the plant a great victory and joy.

If you are only interested in the process of landing, but the result we would like to see, try to arrange a small garden on the windowsill.Put the herbs and tomatoes low and enjoy the closeness to nature all year round.

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