Simple crafts for the garden with his own hands

Crafts for the garden with his own hands.Ideas for flowers

easiest and the inexpensive way to decorate your garden - arrange flowers in pots and planters of the original.Great idea - instead of the usual pots for garden flowers adapt old shoes.

Plants should be chosen depending on the type of shoe. If it stand in constant contact with the soil and moisture, do not hesitate to plant your plant directly into it by pouring the pre-drainage (it can be expanded clay or pebbles).For planting is perfect rubber and plastic footwear.If it does not provide for the opening, be sure to perform it with an awl.

And if as a holiday decoration in favor of a big male shoe, the plant is best planted in the appropriate size pot and during watering and loosening just remove it from the shoe.

himself shoes can be decorated, giving it a rustic flavor. For example, instead of laces to pass a bright plaid or braid decorate the gaps and holes in the shoe with straw and clay figurines (mice, bugs, etc.).Any your idea of

​​crafts for the garden with his own hands will give a unique not only flowers and plants, but also your garden plot.

role in pots can act and other items.For example, an old lamp or even a bicycle!

Crafts for the garden with his own hands - pots of shoe

Crafts for the garden with his own hands - pots for garden

Crafts for the garden with his own hands - the decor of the bicycle

Crafts for the garden with his own hands.Houses for birds

to your garden always singing birds, take care of comfortable houses for them. Cute bird feeder can be made from a plastic five-liter bottles.

You will need:

  • bottle itself;

  • rope, twine;

  • pobelochnaya brush;

  • knives and universal polymer adhesive.

1. From the bottle, tear off all the labels and cut 2 sides of the same width and height of the window.

2. Gently wrap the bottle with string, prokleivaya each row.

3. Pobelochnuyu brush spread over the neck of the bottle, wrap the string and leave a little bit for a loop of rope.

4. Decorate the finished feeder different figurines, artificial flowers and berries of your choice.

can only hang the finished feeder on a twig of a tree in your garden and wait for it to populate the new tenants.

Crafts for the garden with his own hands - a birdhouse his own hands

Crafts for the garden with his own hands.Garden candles gazebo

incredible atmosphere of garden furniture will give candles.A great table decoration will be in the original floating candles candlestick.

For him, you will need:

  • potbellied glass vase with wide neck;

  • pebbles;

  • distilled water;

  • floating candles.

1. Pebbles wash with detergent and hot water and be sure to pour over boiling water, so as not to blossom.

2. Vasu should also pre-wash the inside with hot water and detergent.

3. Put the pebbles on the bottom of the vase.

4. Pour half distilled water.

5. candles placed in water and light a cigarette lighter.

Crafts for the garden with his own hands - a candlestick with pebbles

Crafts for the garden can be built with his own hands out of any scrap materials ranging from plastic bottles and finishing branches and pine cones.Limit your creativity can only your imagination!

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