Decorate autumn garden

good option - to prepare your garden for the new season.Think about what colors and decorative elements would you like to see in your garden next spring?

stylish garden

items for garden decor can help you arrange original garden space, they look great even in autumn, when the plants ottsvetut.Go to the selection seriously, do not allow discord in styles - let all ornaments are combined with each other, consider also what the flowers will look perfectly in this style.Just do not forget that some of the elements of decor for the winter is better to remove - such as alpine garden survive the winter, and the various figures can break under the weight of snow or vytsvetut.

Unleash fantasy

You can decorate autumn garden variety of figures made of ceramics or metal: settle in your garden birds, animals or fantasy characters.All means are good if they find the right application - jugs, decorative fences, large stones ... In fact, you do not even need to spend money on decor items - see what y

ou have in the pantry or in the attic, you might come up with,how to give new life to old things.So you're not just a deliverer of unnecessary things, but also to fill the void of the autumn garden.

Stylin classic

large urns, columns, pedestals, sundials, classical sculptures, stone benches and fountains - all this will add turn your garden into a work of art.

Modern solutions

Decorate your garden works contemporary art, such as sculpture or installation - so your garden will look stylish and original.


If you do not like artificial jewelery, you can make Alpine hills of stones or put a wooden stump instead of a chair - your garden will look very unusual and harmonious.

potted plant

Autumn - the best time for planting in pots, which can be arranged in the garden.It can be planted and annuals and perennials.If you garden in a Mediterranean style, the large terracotta pots with marigolds and nasturtiums will be very useful.

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