Thorny issue: how to determine ovulation at home

woman's body is unique and incredibly complex.To conceive a baby, you need to wait for ovulation - the moment in which the oocyte maturation.But how do you know when that day comes? How to identify ovulatio

n at home?

What ovulation

Very soon you will learn, how to determine ovulation at home .But first, let us hearken to the essence of this phenomenon.Each menstrual cycle in a woman's happening something incredible.In the ovary under the influence of luteinizing hormone, follicle matures.At a certain point it bursts and comes out of it ripened egg is ready for fertilization.She moves through the fallopian tube into the uterus itself, there to be reunited with the sperm and give birth to the fetus, which will develop and grow.

This is a moment of maturity and ovulation.This period is the most favorable for conception.But egg lives only 24-36 hours, and then dies.So if you want in a short time to become a mother, you have to know exactly when the hour of X.

How to identify ovulation at home

oocyte maturation is accompanied by some changes in a woman's body, which, if desired, it is possible to catch.But how to determine ovulation home ?Here are some ways to do it.

1. Tests for ovulation.To many, this method may seem the easiest, because you need only go to the toilet.Essentially, yes.But for the accuracy and reliability of results should comply with certain rules:

  • need to start doing tests in about 18-19 days before the 1st day of the following month;
  • procedure is carried out 2 times a day (from about 10 am to 8 pm) and at approximately the same time;
  • before opening test, make sure that the package was a whole;
  • for 2-3 hours before the procedure, refrain from drinking and from urinating.

2. Another method - measurement of basal body temperature. How to identify ovulation at home way?To do this, every day, without getting out of bed at about the same time to measure the temperature.It is better to carry out measurements in the vagina or anus.Keep a schedule.On the horizontal axis, apply it days cycle, and the vertical check temperature.And every day make a mark.You will notice some fluctuations.So, most likely, at the time when the temperature began to rise (about 0,2-0,4 ° C), and there was ovulating.But it is worth noting that the increase may be due to some changes in a woman's body, such as disease.

3. How to identify ovulation at home without special tools and measuring ?You can monitor your condition.Oocyte maturation period may be accompanied by some of the symptoms:

  • discharge becomes more profuse, slimy, having white or yellowish tint;
  • increases sexual desire;
  • may experience pain in the lower abdomen, sometimes quite strong;
  • soreness and swelling of the breasts.

But these signs do not necessarily will accompany ovulation.Probably, there are hormonal disorders or some gynecological diseases.In addition, these symptoms are typical for pregnancy.So, this method is inaccurate.

Now you know how to identify the ovulation in the home and should be able to do it, if you follow our advice.Good luck!

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