Collecting birch sap: tips for beginners

When to collect birch sap?

Movement birch sap usually begins during the first spring thaw.To make sure that the juice is already moving, it is necessary to pierce awl birch trunk to a depth of approximately the thickness of the hand.If the puncture site will drop, then the movement has begun, and you can start to collect birch sap.

When to collect birch sap - day or night? believed that the most favorable for the collection of birch sap - from 10:00 to 18:00. was at this time the circulation of birch sap is most active.

How to collect birch sap?

juice should not be taken from young trees.It is best to collect it from the birches that threatens cutting.The amount of juice that gives one tree is usually 2-3 liters per day, but can sometimes major birch give 7 liters of birch sap.

collecting sap to do a fixed number of punctures on each tree. number of possible punctures in the tree depends on the diameter of its trunk:

  • if the diameter of the stem is 20-25 cm, you can do just one puncture;

  • if the diameter of the stem is 25-35 cm, then allowed two holes;

  • if the diameter of the stem is 35-40 cm, you can make 3 holes;

  • if a trunk diameter greater than 40 cm, it is allowed to make 4 holes for juice.

When to collect birch sap How to collect birch sap - not the easiest question.Catching collect birch sap, you need to know how to make a hole in the barrel (can be drilled, cut or hack the bark of the tree, which has a fluffy crown).

hole is best done on the south side, because here the juice moves actively. piercing should be at least 0.5 meters from the ground.The incision on the trunk should be done by directing a knife from the bottom up.The depth of cut is usually 3 cm, and for a tree with a thick trunk - more than 3 cm.

In what capacity is better to collect birch sap?Typically, this birch sap was collected into glass jars or plastic bottles.Once upon a time it was collected tuesochki made of birch bark.In this package it longer retains its taste and beneficial properties.

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