Planting flower bulbs in the fall

Most of the flowers that bloom in the gardens and flower beds with the arrival of spring, - perennial bulbous plants. Tulips, daffodils, crocuses and lilies are planted in the soil in the fall and winter, they are there to with the first rays of the sun to please us with its kaleidoscope of colors.To flower bulbs safely endured the cold, you must strictly adhere to the terms and rules fit.

Traditionally, flower bulbs are planted in September , but depending on the climatic characteristics of the region and the type of flowers, planting dates can be shifted.So, in the middle lane planting daffodils can begin as early as mid-August, but in the second half of September, these colors can be cold.In the south you can plant the daffodils until October, and tyulpany- mid-September.

Beauty bulbous spring flowers largely depends on the selection and preparation of the landing site.

soil and planting space

For all bulbous plants prefer illuminated areas. only in hot climates colors need protection from

the midday sun.

for planting bulbs is better to choose flat areas or areas with slight slope in the southern or south-easterly direction.Make sure that the selected area has been protected from drafts.

for growing daffodils - one of the most popular flowers for the garden , well suited slabookulturennye soil and drained loams.Soil acidity (pH) - no more than 6.

Tulips prefer cultivated light sandy soil.The roots of these colors penetrate the soil to a greater depth, so fertile layer should be at least 40 to 50 cm. The acidity of the soil - 7- 7,5 pH.

Soil acidity can be determined by the weeds growing in it.Mayweed, clover, wheat grass and cuff prefer neutral or slightly acidic soil.Plantain, sorrel and horsetail field - sour.Nettle, quinoa and woodlice grow well in highly productive areas.

Soil acidity can be changed.For lowering pH the fall in the ground make lime, chalk, ashes or crushed eggshells.

Planting flower bulbs must be at least one and a half meters from residential buildings. Otherwise, the heat from the buildings can damage bulbs and flowers in the spring did not germinate.

How to plant bulbs flowers

choose a suitable place, dig a hole under the bulbs. Their depth depends on the type and nature of the soil colors.Most often, large flower bulbs are dug wells depth of 20 cm, the distance between plants should be at least 15 cm. Small bulbs rather deepen by 13 cm, making the distance between the holes of 8 cm. At the bottom of each pit pour sand layer of 3 cm (for sandSoil can not do this).

Now you need to prepare bulbs. loop through them, removing damaged and diseased.Good bulbs put into a solution of potassium permanganate (1 g per 1 liter of water) or sulfate (5 g per 1 L) for half an hour.

Watering hole prepared with water, place the bulbs in them pointed ends up.Fill the earth.The landing place is desirable zamulchirovat (continuous layer of mulch to cover the height of 5 - 7 cm) - it will retain moisture, protect the bulbs against frost and weeds.As the mulch you can use humus, peat, sawdust, dry leaves, or bark humus.

If you do not have time to planting flower bulbs, you can produce them thaw. Before planting in the ground store the bulbs in the refrigerator.

to autumn garden looked orphaned, decorate it autumn flowers, figurines and decorative potted plants.

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