How long is ovulation: Read together

woman's body is unique and very complex.This is evidenced, for example, the phenomenon of the menstrual cycle, one of the most important phases which, in turn, is ovulation.At this time, the conception of a baby is most likely. And how ovulation lasts? below - for more on this.

What is ovulation?

Before you learn, as ovulation lasts , is to grasp the essence of this phenomenon.Conception occurs when the female cell (ovum) is connected to the male (sperm).But where does the egg itself?Each month, one of the ovaries (or two at once) begins to ripen a follicle.It is a kind of bubble.And just this bottle hidden egg that matures along with the follicle.At some point, the follicle bursts, comes out of it ripe and ready to fertilize the egg, which is moving along the fallopian tube to the uterus.All this happens under the influence of luteinizing hormone.The merger of male and female germ cells give rise to new life.If this does not happen, the unnecessary and unused egg is released from the body (

this is precisely the menstruation).

When ovulation?

to conceive a child, you need to know, and then, as ovulation lasts , and then when she comes.It is impossible to name the exact day, because the length of the menstrual cycle in different women can vary significantly.Some doctors believe that to determine the date of ovulation need to count back from the intended first day of the menstrual cycle (ie the first day of the following month) 15-17 days.Other gynecologists are advised to expect this event to 13-15 days after the onset of menstruation.Anyway, it all depends on the length of the menstrual cycle.In addition, ovulation can be early or late.If the cycle is irregular, then ovulation will be difficult to catch.Furthermore, it may occur in every cycle.

To find out the exact date of ovulation, it is possible to follow the schedule of basal temperature (it reaches its peak a few days before the "day X"), counting the days to follow the selection (they become more abundant) or to do tests for ovulation.

How long ovulation ?

Nature has created all women are different.So find out exactly, as ovulation lasts , impossible.Generally, it depends on the duration of the life of the egg, which came out from the follicle.But in this question among scientists disagree.Some think that the female sex cell remains viable for only a day, others suggest that it may live longer, for example, two days.But if you take the average values, we can say that the length of ovulation is about 24-36 hours.

During this period most likely conception.But this does not mean that the attempts of conception need to take these days because sperm live much longer - up to 3-4 days, so that if the couple had sex 2-3 days before the expected date of ovulation, it is likely that after 9months in the family will be my child.

Many people want to find out what affects the life of the egg, and find out how you can extend the .But in all the will of nature.So even scientists still do not know all the features of this process.This means that it is impossible to extend ovulation, how hard do not want to.

can only add that knowing the date of the onset and duration of ovulation, you will be able to understand when it is best to attempt to conceive a child.

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