How to soak and sprout seeds at home

How soak seeds

To seeds sprouted quickly and amicably, you need to properly soak them.For this better use of melt water. It can be done, melt pure snow or use a frozen and melted tap water in a plastic bottle, and then, when it melts, use.

Soaking lasts for about 24 hours at room temperature.

seeds are placed between several layers of cheesecloth into a flat plate. It is important that the water covered the cloth only slightly. If the seeds are completely immersed in a liquid, they suffocate.

To learn how to germinate the seeds, you need to soak them competently. important that they always remain in a moist environment. For this you need to follow, and pour the liquid 3-4 times a day.The frequency of watering depends on the dryness of the air in your home.

How to germinate seeds of peas

germinated peas

What seed germination require

  • seeds slowly vshodyaschego crops - parsley, carrots;
  • seeds of crops that consume a lot of moisture - beans, onions, garlic, beets;
  • seeds of heat-loving plants: squash, tomatoes, cuc
    umbers, peppers, zucchini, squash;
  • early seeds of green crops: spinach, colored, Chinese, Beijing, cabbage, borage.

Knowing how seeds germinate, you can get as much as possible early seedlings, as well as to extend the period of consumption of fresh fruits and greens.Of course, the cultivation of seedlings will bring the harvest time of withdrawal.But the option accelerate the gardener must choose according to the specific conditions.

How to germinate seeds on the rag

How to germinate seeds

process lasts until the germination of seeds of root length from 5 to 15 mm. After that, they can be planted directly into the ground or a box of seedlings.

But if there is a need to postpone seeding, the germinated seeds in a plastic bag can be stored in the fridge in a compartment where the temperature drops below 1 ° C.But here, the seedlings need to control humidity.Do not seal the bag to suffocate the seeds and do not bend.Storage in the cold, and will serve as a kind of quenching.

How to germinate soaked seeds? Fill a flat container with wet sawdust. They put swollen by soaking the seeds wrapped in gauze or cotton cloth more dense.

Irrigate germinated seeds do not need.Large seeds (cucumber, corn, pumpkin) can be decomposed into sawdust without tissue.

If you miss the moment and roots grow too long, then, removing the fabric, they can break off.

If necessary filings necessary to moisturize from the sprayer. germination process lasts from 3 to 7 days.During this time, you can irrigate the seeds once a means to stimulate growth, "Appin" or "Zircon".

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