The simplest plants for the garden

selection and sorting plant

main criterion here is the climatic conditions of the region where you live.The above article is easy to grow plants in Siberia, the Urals and Central Russia.

When selecting plants for your garden is better to choose hardy varieties, especially if you are a novice gardener.Typically, these plants not only survive any night frost, but in general they are not needed for good care.When choosing also pay attention to the following point: some bushy plants will look good only if they cut every week.Therefore, if you are unable to closely monitor your garden, then plant a lilac ordinary, elder, dog rose, Budli.

Choose native plants for your region, it is unlikely that you will grow in open ground orchids, apricots and some tropical bushes.

simple plants for the garden


The simplest plants for the garden (with photos)

Host - is a very common perennial.The leaves are hosts of various shades.Bushes hosts lush and well-decorated with any yard or garden.They will delight you for years to come.

advantage of these simple plants in the fact that they require minimal maintenance.They can be planted in every corner of your yard.


The simplest plants for the garden (with photos)

Daylilies also a perennial, and too undemanding.It can be successfully grow and bloom on sunny areas of your yard, and in the shade.Even when not in bloom daylilies, they will decorate your yard with their beautiful shrubs.

Black-eyed Susan (Thunberg cruise)

The simplest plants for the garden (with photos)

perennial plant with yellow-orange flowers.In the middle of a flower - a black eye.Therefore, it is often called Black-eyed Susan.

This beautiful flower garden of perennials of the family is very easy to grow.Flowering occurs in late summer and early fall.These flowers are very resistant to diseases and pests and can grow in almost any soil.

summer the plant needs abundant watering.With a lack of moisture in the soil black-eyed beauty starts to lose leaves.

Stachys or woolly "sheep ears"

The simplest plants for the garden (with photos)

This plant garden soft fluffy silvery-green leaves that provide a good background for other flowering plants in the yard."Sheep ears" mainly bred for their unique velvety and hairy leaves.It blooms from June to September.Flowers also have special beauty no different and have different shades of purple.

Likes full sun, but appreciates the shade in the afternoon in a hot climate.Too much shade, however, can lead to diseases of the leaves.Moist, well-drained soil - is best suited for him.

recommended to water plants in the morning, because so leaves can dry faster.If possible, do not disturb the leaves with water when watering.


The simplest plants for the garden (with photos)

Garden varieties of mint is so easy to grow that some gardeners sometimes consider them weeds.In fact, mint permeates everywhere so well rooted that it is desirable to put in metal containers so that it does not spread throughout your garden or vegetable garden.Mint can grow in almost any soil, and its foliage is not only attractive, but also very fragrant.

way, you can grow mint and home in pots on the windowsill - she feels herself as a houseplant.


The simplest plants for the garden (with photos)

This beautiful and easy to grow perennial.He succulent ornamental leaves.Stonecrop very attractive bloom in late summer and early fall.These plants thrive together especially on dry soils with good drainage, as the moist soil can sometimes lead to rotting of the stems.


The simplest plants for the garden (with photos)

Yarrow is extremely hardy, grows even in poor soil and dry.There are many different varieties of yarrow various heights and colors.Yarrow grows so easily that can often over time displace other plants.Therefore, it is necessary to define the specific planting borders.


The simplest plants for the garden (with photos)

Marigolds come in different sizes and colors.It is an annual plant, so they need to repot every year.Marigold flowers have come from light cream to orange, and they will bloom all season until frost.Marigolds do not require special care.


Creeping phlox garden (with photos)

If you have space in the yard, which are difficult to mow, such as steep slope, try planting ivy type.Most groundcover thrive easily, especially if you choose the ones that are good in terms of sunlight of the place where you are planting them.For example, the periwinkle is a good choice for shady locations, and creeping phlox good on sunny places.

Periwinkle Garden (photos)

And remember: important thing is to plant flowers light hand and a pure heart - then your garden will rapidly bloom and please you until the autumn.

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