Growing oyster mushrooms: home business

Where grow oyster

growing mushrooms on natural substrate consisting of wheat and barley straw, corncobs and empty husks of sunflower. important that the raw materials were dry and free of mold. His crushed so that the particles have a size from 0.5 to 4 cm.

followed by heat treatment of the soil for the nondescript, but very tasty oyster mushroom cultivation which for many became a favorite hobby.

Fill substrate in a saucepan, cover with water and simmer for 2 hours.Then drain and squeeze out the liquid so that the mixture of landing remained damp but not wet.When the substrate is still warm (30 ° C), start training packages.

mycelium and sowing

Oyster - it mushrooms, cultivation of which does not require in-depth knowledge of mycology (the study of mushrooms).To succeed, you must have patience and follow the instructions.

Get ready to spawn.Volume of the package to select themselves on the basis that 10 kg of the substrate is consumed 300-350 g mushroom "seeds."

Growing oyster mushrooms

at home comes in plastic bags. They can be any size, e.g., 25 x 50 cm. The smaller the thickness of the substrate, the easier to adjust the temperature in the bag.

Mix warm substrate grain spawn, tie the bag and do it in the slot 1-2 cm every 10 cm staggered.Bag of sown mycelium mycologists in professional language is called "the mushroom block."

Oyster mushrooms - grow at home


Growing oyster mushrooms at home requires special complicated equipment. Place the mushroom blocks for 10 days in a room where the air temperature will be around 18-22 ° C.

first 2-3 days the contents of the packages will be heated.Keep the temperature in the mushroom unit does not rise above 30 ° C.Reduce it possible by means of a fan.At the same time, you will notice that the substrate penetrate thin white thread.This mycelium.

After 10-14 days the mycelium will grow so that it forms a solid mass in the block with a distinctive mushroom flavor.


It's time to lower the temperature in bags of 10-15 ° C.Soon through the slits in the polyethylene will grow mushrooms.Now room needed daily for 10 hours turn on the light and the humidity maintained at 90%.This can be done by spraying water onto the walls and floor of the room, but in any case on the substrate itself.

Oyster cultivation in the home which every day becomes more and more popular - an environmentally friendly product.

Ripe mushroom cut. wave of fruiting lasts 10-14 days. is 4. A total of first and second - the most productive.The intervals between the waves make up a couple of weeks.

Oyster - unpretentious mushrooms, growing them at home will allow to collect up to 7-8 kg of product with 1 kg of mycelium.

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