And cooks and fries: how to choose multivarku house?

What is the multivarka

multivarka - is virtually irreplaceable thing in the economy.It performs a variety of tasks, thus helping to save a lot of time.It is a versatile machine that can cook porridge , oven, cook, soar and even make yogurt.To start cooking, simply download products in a special non-stick bowl and run the desired program.To date, the buyer is not limited in the choice, we are offered a lot of options for configuration, functionality, power consumption and design.

multivarka consists of a body with a heating element, which is put on a special non-stick bowl (pan), built-in microprocessor to control the valve for the safe return of steam, sealed with a lid.Typically, the front panel has buttons and a small LCD LCD monitor.

How to choose multivarku

As not a story on advertising and not overpay for unnecessary features, and choose the best option for the home?The first is to draw attention to the displacement, that is, the amount of the pot.It can vary from 3 to 6 lite

rs.For a small family fit multivarka volume of 3-3.5 liters for large families, respectively, more.As practice shows, pots 5 liters is enough for 7-9 people.

Another important point - the power of the device.It can range from 490 to 1300 watts.The greater the power, the faster cooking.The best option for a small family - multivarka capacity of 640-860 watts.

now dealing with the necessary functions.As is well known, expensive models are more versatile and able to do more jobs in comparison with cheaper alternatives.For example: cooking food under pressure, which greatly reduces cooking time, the technology of "3 D -razogreva" for uniform heating of the product by distributing the hot flows along the sides and bottom.Also Multivarki distinguished themselves bowls: the thicker the thicket, the better the food is heated.Some models are included frying basket.

addition, Multivarki price also depends on how many recipes incorporated into the program.

And of course, pay attention to the warranty service.If it is less than six months - the most likely model is quite unreliable.

P Liu Si and cons multivarok

of As we know, any technique causes ambivalent feelings of buyers, and a person often makes a choice depending on the ratio of pros and cons.So, an advantage multivarok include:

  • rich functionality and many of the tasks;
  • avtopodogrev dishes;
  • takes up little space in the kitchen;
  • preparing a healthy, vitamin-rich foods;
  • device is easy to care, easy to clean;
  • prepare yourself, do not need to watch and nothing to stir;
  • economical since consumes very little power;
  • significantly reduces cooking time.

Although not essential, but minuses at multivarok also have:

  • cover the device does not appear automatically;
  • some models are not provided pens, because to get a hot meal can be problematic;
  • before cooking is necessary to mix the ingredients by yourself because multivarka, in contrast to the bread machine, kneading can not.
  • cheap models that do not bring a dish until fully cooked.

Of course, many of the settings are directly dependent on the model.However, having a basic understanding of the advantages and disadvantages multivarok, it will not be difficult to choose the model that suits you best.

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