Morel Mushrooms: spring delicacy

Many believe that the mushrooms can be harvested in the autumn.But experienced mushroom pickers know that "quiet hunt" You can go as soon as the snow will melt.About where to look and how to recognize the morel mushrooms, tell WomanOnly.

morel mushrooms look quite strange, and you can not guess what they are edible. specific pleasant mushroom smell them either.And yet, they rarely spring delicacy that is highly valued in Europe.

What's this fungus morel?

Morels are different from other, more famous, mushrooms wrinkled with deep potholes or pits hat shaped like an egg.In most species of morel hat along the bottom edge to the leg heals.The flesh of the fungus fragile, waxy.The foot at the bottom of the hollow.

morel mushrooms can grow to 6-15 cm in height and up to 6 cm in diameter, but to find them in the forest is difficult. hat morel can have color from tan to brown. among last year's leaves and dry grass are perfectly camouflaged.

Mushrooms morels - Morchella conica

Morel conical

Morel mushrooms - edible morel

Morel Edible

Where and when to look for morels?

first morels appear immediately after the snow melts.In Russia, they often appear in late April in May.Season them is short - a maximum until mid-June.As soon as the grass grows, mushrooms disappear.Occasionally morels appear warm autumn, in early October.

morel mushrooms usually grow in bright mixed and deciduous forests, dominated by birch, willow, ash.Also found in poplar, oak, alder and elm groves, parks, apple orchards.Mushrooms choose well-lit, but protected grassy places, often grow under the not yet leafed bushes around fallen trees.

Morels grow abundantly on moist soils, which delayed the melt water or on the banks of ditches and streams.Since morels prefer alkaline soil composition, most often they appear in the field of forest fires in 2-4 years.But gradually their yield reduced.

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How to collect morels?

Morels - very delicate and brittle mushrooms. they must be cut with a knife, pre obkopav foliage around, so as not to break.Need to go after them with a handy basket or bucket, then you will be able to bring them home safely.In extreme cases, suitable cardboard box.After boiling morel fungi become elastic, and they can be prepared according to any recipe.

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